Common Misconceptions About Physiotherapy

When suffering from pain, most things you enjoy become difficult or impossible to do; thus, your life becomes very dull. It is good to take care of your body and ensure that your health comes first before anything else. Anytime you notice an issue with your body, you should seek help from healthcare professionals, including physiotherapists.

However, how much do you know about physiotherapy? Sadly there are many misconceptions out there regarding physiotherapy. Here are the most common ones and why you should not listen to them.

1. Physiotherapy Treatments Are Always Painful

Why would you visit a doctor to relieve pain only to be treated for weeks or months using a painful treatment method? It doesn’t make sense, so rest assured that a professional physiotherapist goes the extra mile to ensure that your pain reduces with each session. Although some physiotherapy treatment methods may be painful at first, it gets better with time.

2. You Should See A Doctor First Before Seeing A Physiotherapist

This is not necessarily the case because physiotherapists are trained professionals. You can walk straight into a physiotherapist’s office after being injured without any referrals, and they will see you and assess your condition.
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Immediately you are injured, make sure you see a physiotherapist who will help you with a smooth and efficient healing and rehabilitation plan.

However, a physiotherapist cannot help you with all manner of health issues, so if it is beyond them, they will refer you to a health professional who can solve your problem.

3. A Physiotherapist Will Teach You Exercises And Send You Home

This is the work of a regular trainer and not a professional physiotherapist. Physiotherapists are more concerned about a customized exercise plan targeting areas where you have suffered injuries or are experiencing pain. A physiotherapist ensures that your injuries heal so that you don’t experience pain later due to poor injury rehabilitation.

An excellent physical therapist does the exercises with you, monitors how you do them, and ensures that you can do them correctly on your own at home.

4. A Physiotherapist Only Does Massage

If that was the case, then all you need is to visit a regular masseuse. However, physiotherapists will give you a deep tissue massage or any other relevant massage; they do it as part of your treatment process. They must first assess you and ask you questions so that they can make a good diagnosis. After this, they can now recommend the best treatment method for your health issue.
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Over To You

You don’t have to incur injuries or see a doctor before consulting physiotherapy in Singapore. The reason is that you know your body well and thus you will quickly notice when something is wrong.

A physiotherapy session will help relax your tensed and knotted muscles, thus leaving you in a relaxed state. You also get to stretch any tight muscles, thus reducing the risk of developing injuries, and so your body will thank you for it. Place is for lovers of new twists in daily life

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