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Cool Cleaner

All things that keep one going must function at their best efficiency. If not, they could pose serious problems that may not be able to be corrected.
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One’s well reputed integrity could be harmed in the process. Let’s take a smartphone into consideration. To state that smartphones has taken complete control of its users is valid. To assess this just run through your mind what service a smartphone offers. Sure, enough it has more features that will make life easier and comfortable than without. No wonder people are so addictive to smartphones without which they will be at a lost. Hence to ensure the smooth and efficient working of one’s smartphone appropriate and most suitable care of it is a must. To serve this purpose a super App by the name of Cool Cleaner is here to be installed in one’s smartphone. Listed below are the features Cool Cleaner App has to offer to keep the smartphone working at its best.

Features of Cool Cleaner

Cleaning of Junk files- Numerous files are created when Apps are installed. Many unused files known as cache are present. All of these will be removed without causing any problems to the smartphone with the junk cleaner.

Virus Cleaner – Viruses have become common. So called cyber criminals at work creating malware to harm devices for many reasons. Virus Cleaner will keep all these threats away.

Cool Cleaner- will detect all reasons making the smartphone to work slower than it should and take appropriate corrective action to keep the device working as it should.

Phone Booster- Signal strength is important to enhance the data speeds and call quality. With a simple one tap will activate the phone booster to work to keep these functions well within efficient control.

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Memory Booster- with efficient sensing of tasks and programs running in the background and by removing these will reduce RAM been used. With this action the speed of the smartphone will be increased.

CPU Cooler- The optimum temperature in the smartphone will be maintained by closing Apps causing to overheat and keep that all important COOLNESS in place.
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Battery Saver – Will keep the battery performance going great by closing Apps. In the background not in usage.

App Locker – The all-important confidentiality and privacy will be maintained by engaging the App Locker. Overall, the smartphone will be well protected with security.

Notification Cleaner – Will clear all those unwanted notices from notification plane.

All of the actions by these well thought features will prolong the much-needed battery power to ensure the best continuous running of the smartphone.

How to download Cool Cleaner?

The best way to download Cool Cleaner is through the AC Market Apk app store. Hurry and download AC Market now on your Android. Now it is available there for your PC too. Download AC Market PC for your PC and start to relish the cool app Cool Cleaner now. The downloading process is much simpler and quicker via AC Market App.

With the COOL CLEANER App in your smartphone no worries no anxiety as it will take care of it like no other would. Live your life and keep enjoying your smartphone to the max. Some of the other substitutes to this app can be stated as Clean Master Apk, Phone Master, Nox Cleaner, etc. Click here to get top news all over the world and you can also check out this site for getting more info. 

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