Get to Know More About Circular Saws

Before making and settling on a decision of what type of saw one should use in their projects, it is key to understand what materials you will be working with. It is at this stage that you will actually realize saws exist in so many types. Different saws have different uses and functions and in this article we will shine more light on the circular saw.

A circular saw is a power saw that has toothed disks that rotate rapidly.
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It is mostly used cut various materials from wood to metal to aluminium amongst many others. It has been known to be amongst the most powerful saws and comes in different voltage levels. They also come in so many different forms and all vary in functionality.

Worm driver circular saws

These saws have a mounted motor behind their blades that is connected to the gears. They have a lower speed level but artisans love them because of their increased speed and durability as compared to the other saws.

Abrasive circular saws

This type of saw is mostly used for cutting materials that are tougher than wood. It is usually most preferred since its teeth don’t bounce off harder substances. They are usually hand held or fixed to a table or radial arm.

Biscuit joiner

These use a circular saw as one part of a complex mechanism to join two work pieces together to any visible nail holes. The saw blades cut a sit in each board and a third piece of wood called a biscuit.
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These saws are all good and interesting to learn about dedicatedly.


When handling all these different types of circular saws, we ought to be extremely careful when operating these machines. First, we should avoid placing our hands and fingers on the working surface. We should also have eye protection wear to prevent pieces of wood from getting inside our eyes.

As you go about cutting, you should also stand by the side in case of kickbacks. Remain in a balanced position and avoid moving your legs around. One should also make sure to set the cutting depth to a reasonable depth to avoid protruding below the stork. When replacing equipment, it is also advisable to consult the new manual.

Cost and maintenance

When purchasing a circular saw, it is important that you put into consideration the type of saw you need and the working speed. Of course all saws differ in prices according to their functionality. However, these saws have come in handy and a great advantage to artisans since they no longer require a lot of effort making them easier to operate. Putting this into consideration, artisans do not look at the prices but with the advantages that come along with them.

They are quite costly but I bet we all know the reason why. Maintaining comes along with how you use your machines. However, as stated earlier, as you maintain and probably replace your equipment, you need to consult the new manual.

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