The EA FC 24 dev team has recently released the latest ‘patch notes’ for Title Update 9 of FC 24 and well, let’s just say fans aren’t thrilled with the latest changes. While most fans are still reeling in the excitement from the Team of the Year and Road to the Final promos on Ultimate Team, the latest update has put quite a damper on things. 

The FC 24 Title Update 9 is now live on last-gen consoles the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One with the update for the PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC will be available soon. 

Let’s jump straight into the breakdown of the latest FC 24 Title Update 9!

Trivela Shots Overhaul 

One of the most obvious changes to FC 24 with the latest update is the ‘nerfs’ to outside foot shots and the Trivela playstyle. Trivela is well known for being a formidable shot using the outside foot to add a curl to the ball but unfortunately, it’s been downgraded with the latest update. 

These are the three main changes that drastically decrease the outside foot shots efficacy –

  • Reduced effectiveness of Outside Foot Shots for players with or without the Trivela PlayStyle and PlayStyle+.
  • Moderately reduced Outside Foot Shot accuracy.
  • Reduced the maximum potential amount of topspin the ball can have from an Outside Foot Shot.

This effectively makes the Trivela PlayStyle completely useless which is unfair for players who’ve invested into the PlayStyle. As some fans have noted, the Trivela PlayStyle and shot aren’t even the best ways to score in the game.

But with a ‘moderate reduction’ in accuracy, it could drastically change how players can score. Not to mention topspin is reduced so shots will miss more often and they won’t be as effective without a significant spin from the shot. 

And let’s not even talk about the fact that outside foot shots are some of the most spectacular goals you can score, which is a huge downside for the game moving forward. 

Changes to Cutbacks 

Additionally, devs have also tinkered with the game’s AI to improve teammate positioning and decision-making when you’re performing cutbacks. This means passes during cutback scenarios will more often than not be intercepted and cleared by the game’s AI. 

In this instance, it’ll make scoring from cutbacks and outside foot shots much harder to accomplish, which makes it hard for fans to be appreciative of these new changes. 

No Compensation in Sight

But besides the nerfs to cutbacks and Trivela, possibly the most infuriating detail with Title Update 9 is the missing mention of any compensation for the SBC fiasco that occurred on January 30th. 

When FC 24 featured a new SBC challenge, it bugged out and mistakenly awarded thousands of players a copy of an 86+ overall Lionel Messi card. 

As you can imagine, even though the SBC was only up for 24 minutes, it was far too late for developers to take back the challenge as many players ended up with a copy of the card.

To top it off, EA also announced that players who received the 86+ OVR Messi from the SBC would get to keep it, but has not yet announced any sort of compensation for players that didn’t receive the player. 

Some have ardently pushed for a free Hero Pick as compensation, but for now, EA has remained silent and hasn’t published any plans to compensate the players who now have to deal with several Ultimate Team players using an incredibly rare Messi card.

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