Tips For Choosing An AC Capacitor For Your AC System

Your air conditioner has many components, including a capacitor. It stores the energy from the motor to start your air conditioner and continues to deliver power until you switch off the unit. But like any other part of the HVAC system, the capacitor is subject to wear and tear.

Learn more about the ac capacitor and how they can improve the performance of your system. However, it is essential to choose the right type for your unit, as not all of them are suitable for your system.

You need to consider several factors while purchasing a new AC capacitor for your AC system. The size and brand of the capacitor are vital. The most common types of AC capacitors are available at Alibaba. If you are an AC mechanic, you will need its capacitor in bulk. That is why you need to buy from them.

Factors to consider before buying ac capacitor

There are several factors you need to consider when choosing an AC capacitor. A faulty capacitor will affect the performance of your air conditioning system, causing your electricity bill to go up. A faulty AC capacitor can also affect the capacitor’s physical characteristics, causing your AC to not power on or blow enough air. You can test a capacitor by reading its physical characteristics. Here are some tips for choosing an AC capacitor:

Dual capacitors

Dual capacitors for ac are standard in air conditioners. They house two individual capacitors in a single container. These capacitors supply power to the compressor and cooling fan. Dual capacitors provide convenience. These devices save space and are cheaper than two single capacitors. In addition to this, dual capacitors have a common wire. Using a single wire for both capacitors reduces the chances of the compartment getting cluttered.

smoky smell

During summer, you may notice a smokey smell coming from your AC. This may be due to a burning smell coming from the fan motor or an electrical short. You can also detect this smell by checking the fan motor and lubricating the bearings. Contact a professional HVAC technician if you’re unsure of what to look for. They will help you determine the best AC capacitor for your needs.


To determine the suitable capacitor for your air conditioning system, you must know its rating. Different capacitors have different field life ratings, which determine by the number of test hours.


You can determine the correct size capacitor for your AC by reading the label. The label will say how much capacitance the capacitor holds. The unit rate in microFarads (uF) can easily find one right for your system. Be sure to check the voltage rating and write down the model and make of your unit. While it doesn’t matter what brand your air conditioner is, it’s helpful to know the specific voltage rating before choosing a replacement.

Benefits of using Ac capacitor

Ac capacitor is a capacitor that uses an alternating current (AC) instead of a direct current (DC). This type of capacitor is different from the traditional capacitor, which uses a single current. The benefits of using an ac capacitor include:

  • Ac capacitors can hold more energy than traditional capacitors due to their larger size
  • It can store multiple currents at once.

Final Words

A failing ac capacitor can lead to malfunctioning units and even damage your HVAC system. To ensure the longevity of your ac, we highly recommend you purchase a brand new capacitor. They design Ac Capacitor to fit the exact specifications of your electrical system. It comes in a variety of sizes to fit all makes and models.

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