Top Websites For Virtual Detective Games

There is something about virtual detective games that excites everyone. It goes beyond mystery and riddles to an innate curiosity for murder. The games are a way for fans to put on their detective hat and uncover their cases.

There are websites offering murder mysteries on Zoom for friends and family to play together. Here are some great options for your next online virtual murder mystery party.

Why are virtual detective games popular?

Virtual detective games or murder mystery on Zoom are trending because of real interest in the investigation. This makes true crime a genre of its own in literature, documentaries, and podcasts.

The digital age also allows people to learn more about cases and interact with them. Social media users often help solve crimes by collecting information and even sharing knowledge with the police.

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While amateur research has its pitfalls, live, and virtual murder mystery games are far less dangerous. They are a fun way to play detective with friends without the burden of an actual investigation on your shoulders.

Murder Mystery On Zoom game

Planning a thrilling Murder Mystery on Zoom isn’t easy, but Teambuilding does an excellent job of it. Depending on the size of your group, you will compete individually or as a team. Your objective: solve a historical murder. In an hour and a half, you get the story, suspects, clues, and puzzles, some of which are difficult enough to satisfy the brains of your group.Once the most likely scenario is resolved, your facilitator reveals the winner. The educational part is as satisfying as teamwork and puzzles.

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If you want your detective experience to be more interactive, you can’t go wrong with The Murder Mystery Co. Each event can accommodate eight to 12 people. You don’t need to dress well, but it is recommended if you want a genuinely memorable virtual murder mystery party. Costume suggestions are provided with each attendee’s information about their role before the event.

The Murder Mystery Co. 

Set time for The Murder Mystery Co. team to commit the “crime” and start the party. The event has three acts, during which attendees can move to breakout rooms to discuss clues, solve puzzles, and more. Expect lots of extra fun, twists, and goodies.

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For an equally immersive but less challenging game, try Outback Virtual Team Building & Training’s Virtual Clue Murder Mystery event aimed at corporate groups. Its design is effortless and designed to enhance various skills.

Easy access from any device and conferencing software makes it easy for everyone to join in the fun. Teamwork, communication, problem-solving, and attention to detail come into play as participants delve deeper into the case.

Whether you host the virtual murder mystery party yourself or request a host, you’ll get a series of 40-80 challenges, including interview videos, case files, tricky clues, and more. This virtual detective game puts you in the shoes of modern detectives.

Virtual games Night of Mystery

Organizing your research group gives you more control and flexibility over the entire event. Websites like Night of Mystery can plan the crime story, clues, and characters. From there, the online platform, dress code, hours, etc., are up to you.

Night of Mystery starts for six to eight players. There are eight themes to choose from. Once you have purchased the package, you can download all the materials you need. These will include instructions for you and character information for your guests. The Night of Mystery team offers tons of suggestions and makes each event unique.

Are you excited for Murder Mystery On Zoom?

These websites are a great source of compelling stories to play with. But if you run out of ready-made packages or want to try a new approach, you can always create your own virtual murder mystery party games. Just combine your passion with intelligent tools.

Explore what digital technology has to offer and how to make your Zoom parties unique. There’s no shortage of research entertainment between television, movies, video games, and podcasts to give ideas.

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