10 simple ways to promote family coexistence

Affection is the most important thing to promote unity in the family and can be manifested in various ways: promoting security and protection or showing the interest we feel in the affairs of others or simply enjoying the family company.
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What is it for? Developing affection for the family fosters a healthy coexistence, but also a better education. Girls and boys can be better prepared if all their emotions evolve healthy from home. 

Love and communication are the basis of any type of family relationship, so it is important to develop a healthy coexistence. In this way, people grow and live in a more emotionally healthy way.
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Therefore, here are some activities that you can do as a family with your children to encourage that feeling of affection and sensitivity. 

  1. Talk as a family

Communication is vital to strengthen the affective bonds of the family. Try to eat lunch or dinner most of the week together. In case you have complicated schedules, schedule a day to eat together.

  1. Share activities and hobbies

Share activities, games, and hobbies. If your children show interest in an artistic, sports, or intellectual activity, find a way to give them support and encouragement to practice it.
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  1. Practice relaxation activities

Take some time together to take a break from everyday stress and learn to relax, you can practice guided meditation or do yoga, this will help you strengthen the bond and that the family environment is associated with peace and harmony.

  1. Enjoy artistic activities

Take advantage of opportunities for cultural activities. They can paint, make sculptures, crafts, take virtual tours of museums, enjoy shows, concerts, etc.

  1. Boost passion for music

Laugh, sing and dance with your children. Encourage their love of music and, if possible, have them learn to play an instrument.

  1. Allocate an afternoon of board games 

Teach them to play the games you know like spring, rope, hide-and-seek, or board games like Chinese checkers, dominoes, puzzles, or memory games.

  1. Admire nature

Teach them to appreciate nature and its different manifestations by taking them on walks to parks or forests, looking at the sky with them, and observing the changes in clouds and stars, foliage and flowers.

  1. Cook as a family 

Cooking as a family is a good way to strengthen the relationship with your children, in addition to teaching them a new skill that will serve them for a lifetime.

  1. Enjoy the movies 

Try to watch movies with your children that are fun and suitable cinema for kids, discuss them as a family and find out what values they teach.

  1. Read together 

Choose readings appropriate to the children’s age, so that they find them interesting and to their liking. 

It is important to value and enjoy each activity that you can do as a family because they are unrepeatable and you can take advantage of them to teach them and instill in them the true meaning of family and values. 

You will see that with these activities the coexistence with your children will be pleasant and fun, remembering that the family is the basis of the formation of the little ones.

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