13 ideas for a house in black and gray tones

To build your home รับสร้างบ้านสระบุรี or improve your home In addition to the selection of house designs and materials used Choosing a house paint or exterior paint It is an important part to make the house look outstanding and modern. Match colors that blend together. You will get a modern, attractive home and a warm atmosphere. If anyone is looking for ideas for unusual home color schemes. Let’s take a look at these tones.

Tone 1. Use a dark, dark gray exterior paint color to make the house look like a traditional house style. By using the color of the door area with oak or wood color. And trim the eyebrows a little with a dark blue tone. This blue color pairs well with black window sills and classic golden oak doors.

Color tone 2. Many houses use mon brick or red brick as a wall element. You can renovate or paint the house while maintaining the natural color of the bricks. By painting the rest of the house in black tones, this will help make the natural brick color stand out more. In addition, use cream color to decorate the edges of the house and choose furniture in cream tones that go well together.

Color tone 3. Modern gray with red-orange doors If you want to add distinctiveness to your home simply It is recommended to use a red-orange door. Trim the door trim in black or dark gray. Will make a standout when living with a dark gray house. This dark gray can be used for both flat and brick-patterned houses, or with different wall patterns. Will make your home modern, stylish, not boring.

Tone 4. Use neutral gray as the main color for the house. And use dark gray to paint the lines along the other materials or wall surfaces of the house. Use black or dark gray again. Trim the borders, door frames, or handrails, whether it’s a wooden or plaster wall. Make it a modern house is no different.

Color tone 5. The use of charcoal color for the walls of the house. together with the window sill and the edge of the black glass door Make the house look dark, attractive and make the house ordinary. look more modern

The 6th color scheme with an open house and have the same wall surface The use of gray tones is the color that is suitable for the floor color of the house. Combined with the use of colors for various living spaces. of the house in the same gray tone Trim the edges in dark gray. Helping homes that focus on living spaces look modern and stylish.

Tone 7. If the house is made of wood or wood-like material You can choose to paint gray on the planks or use gray paint on the wooden walls.
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It is in harmony with the natural brown wood color. And the gray tone will help make the wood look outstanding. It’s a timeless color scheme.

The 8th color tone is the selection of colors that contrast perfectly. By using the main color of the house is black. Both the roof and most of the house More with opaque white in the wall that is the door of the house. along with the trim around the entrance door frame in natural brown or bright orange tones It makes it stand out beautiful. get along well

Tone 9. Whether you are planning to use this white house or as a paint to renovate your home. Just paint a opaque tone. On the brick wall showing the line of the house or a wall with a brick pattern Combined with the door and window trim with black and gray tones. You will get a clean looking home. There is a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Color tone 10. For a house with white-colored walls already. and want to add other colors to create modernity for the house Just choose to trim the roof sills, door sills, windows, awnings, as well as the living area of ​​the house in charcoal black or opaque black. It makes the house look modern ever.

Tone 11. Dark gray, light gray and white are the tones that blend together perfectly. It is a harmonious color. And make the house look classic, bright and a color that can be used in every era, every time.

Color tone 12. Change from using the color of the house with white. It is the choice of color for the whole house in black tones. White trim around the door and window sill It will make the edge color stand out and look at the whole house. look modern as well

Tone 13. This is a gray tone throughout. Trim the edges in dark gray. Focus on choosing the door in black tones. mixed with lamps of the same color It looks classic, no less elegant.

How to keep the house in dark tones from getting hot

The new generation has more freedom in choosing the color of the house. Decorate your home as you wish. according to individual preferences and unique style Of course, when choosing the color of the house, there are many people who choose cool or warm tones like red, orange and yellow.

In fact, the intensity of the paint color chosen does not affect the heat of the house in any way.
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Only using dark tones will absorb more heat than light tones.
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This means that when we choose to paint the house in dark tones, the problem that follows or may have doubts is that.

Choosing a house in dark tones, how do you keep it from getting hot?

  1. Choose a color that has heat-reflecting properties, such as Delta Shield that reflects more than 93% of heat.
  2. Plant trees around the house. Helps to increase oxygen in the area and also helps to have a good atmosphere, peaceful mind, shady areas, windy and cool
  3. Install insulation.
  4. Build the wall to be thicker than before.
  5. The roof area may be made into a deck and planted trees and grass to cover the top. Helps absorb heat from the sun, making the house more cool.
  6. Choose a curtain that blocks UV rays and heat to help prevent sunlight well. and also helps to reduce the temperature of the house
  7. Wall decoration such as lath or fiber to protect the sun
  8. Install a ceiling fan. to allow the internal air to circulate well
  9. Choose LED light bulbs to reduce heat in the room and also save electricity.
  10. Avoid opening windows during the day to help prevent hot air from entering the house. Help make the house more cool.
  11. Flooring with marble tiles help keep the house cool does not retain heat

That’s all, it helps the dark tones of the house look cooler. And it also helps to save energy as well. Try applying these methods to keep your home cooler.

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