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3 Easy Ways To Improve Your Wi-Fi Signals

We’ve all been through it, that classic scenario that takes place in almost every household: the dead zone or the room where the Wi-Fi doesn’t reach. You’ll be sitting at weird angles in your bed or working in the noisy TV lounge, but there’s no Wi-Fi signal in that nice quiet room. It’s a pain, right? You have our sympathies, but more than that you have our help.
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Perhaps you’ll find it easier to talk to a person to address the issue in which case we recommend you contact Spectrum customer service or perhaps you’ll be a little more diligent and do your homework so you’re more prepared to talk to your ISP’s customer service representative. Either way,we have prepared some tips and tricks to help you improve the quality and coverage of your Wi-Fi signals.

But before you move on to making any changes to your internet connection and hardware, you should try to assess the possible cause of your weak Wi-Fi signals. There are a few ways to do this:

You could try connecting an Ethernet cable directly from your modem to your personal computer. If the internet speed works well according to what you’ve paid for, then your modem isn’t the problem here. On a wireless connection, you can then run a free online internet speed test on your PC to check your current internet speed.
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In the case that this speed is good, you should repeat the speed test but at a greater distance from your router. If the internet speed is slow, then this means your Wi-Fi router has coverage issues. Whatever the case may be,the solutions we present below should help ease your life!

  • Router Placement

This one might seem like a real no-brainer or a little too obvious for us, but the truth is lots of people try to hide their router by placing it in an inconspicuous spot such as near the window or even in a cabinet. That’s a real no-no because next to the window most of your Wi-Fi signals are going out and having a good time doing absolutely nothing. You also definitely don’t want to place your router in a cupboard as the extra barriers along with the room walls weaken the Wi-Fi signal.

Furthermore, be sure to keep your router’s antennas upwards as this ensures greater coverage. Ideally one should place their router in a central, high spot even if this means extending the wires along the main floor of the house. Also, areas where other devices make use of electromagnetic waves, like microwaves, should be avoided as they interfere with the Wi-Fi signal.

  • Leeches

You read that right. I’m talking about leeches and no not the kind that sticks on you and steals your blood, but the kind that doessteal something equally as precious: your Wi-Fi network. You may not realize it but there could be a good chance someone else might be using your Wi-Fi. One of the easiest ways to figure this out is to check the list of devices connected to your internet.

This method could also be useful in revealing if any other family member or one of your housemates is actually using a lot more internet than they think they do.
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In any case, to prevent neighbors from free-riding off of you, you should make sure to set a WPA2 or WPA3 password because a WEP password is simply way too easy to hack.

  • Range Extender or Mesh Wi-Fi

One of the easiest and more budget-friendly ways to get greater coverage in your house would be to install an extender. An extender is also referred to as a repeater and aptly so since it repeats the Wi-Fi signals from the original router i.e. it picks up the Wi-Fi from the router and extends it.

However, this method may still pose the problems of dead zones or may simply not work if the area to be covered is too large. In that case, a slightly more expensive alternative might be mesh Wi-Fi. Rather than a single router, you’ll have multiples nodes, of which one is connected to the modem, and all the nodes placed in a suitable location will work together to efficiently route traffic back to the modem.

With these three easy solutions, we hope you can improve your internet coverage in your entire house leaving the entire family in a good mood.

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