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Watching movies at home after school was an experience many people grew up with.
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Fighting over what movies to watch while getting yelled at by their mother and father bringing their favourite snacks are some of the best memories people hold near their hearts. To reminisce about the same experience, adults today invest in home theatre subwoofer systems with a large screen television. They now sit with their kids and spouse to recreate history.

Movies and quality audio systems were, are and always will be a significant part of people’s lives. It is crucial to invest in the appropriate sound and visual equipment to relive the same experience. It is even more important to buy good sound systems as it heightens all senses in the person who makes movie watching more fun! This guide will allow readers to gather points on what to check for before investing in subwoofers.

Points to remember while shopping for subwoofers:

Many factors to consider while investing in a high-quality home theatre subwoofer system. The following four points are essential, especially for beginners, to choose a value for money subwoofers:

  • Wireless or wired woofers: Today, many subwoofers make it hard for buyers to choose from. Wireless is the new genre of everything today, and subwoofers have joined this bandwagon. Wired subwoofers were popular a few years back and are still used in large spaces since they have better delivery of audio and effects. For example, a home with a sizable in-built home theatre, wired woofers allows for better sound quality. A wireless home theatre subwoofer comes with a transmitter kit to connect with any output required.
  • Size requirements: It is always better to measure the area in the room where the subwoofers will be housed. People living in homes with smaller spaces will require smaller subwoofers than those with larger floor space.
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    One thing to remember is that the larger the subwoofer, the louder it plays. There will be better audio frequency and good sound quality due to sound bouncing off walls in a larger space.
  • Subwoofer power rating: The feature of a subwoofer that makes it exciting to use is the in-built amplification. This will make the sound experience a blast and help save the buyer some money since they don’t have to buy a separate amplifier. The power of the amplifier will directly affect the loudness of output audio. If the wattage of the home theatre subwoofer is larger, the wattage power will also be more since they are directly proportional. But know that high-power subwoofers are more expensive compared to lesser amplification ones. There are many budget-friendly powerful subwoofers in the market today that are giving high-end woofer brands tough competition.
  • Ported and sealed woofers: The subwoofer enclosures fall under two categories, sealed and ported. The sealed enclosure is, as the name suggests, encapsulated. The air does not flow in or out of these woofers. They are also called acoustic suspension woofers. The bass on these woofers is accurate and tight due to its quick response time.
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    The bass reflex enclosure or ported boxes are the opposite of sealed enclosures. They have an air vent that is built-in, reinforcing a lower bass output. The benefit of a ported subwoofer over a sealed subwoofer is that a higher powerful bass output can be obtained with low power input. The subwoofers have sleek designs, making them favourable for a great bass experience.

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