A Handy Guide to Choose the Right Women’s Suit

Suits have long been associated with men. But fashion norms have evolved, which blurred the lines between feminine and masculine styles. Now, suits are a must-have in every woman’s closet. As such, a well-fitted suit instantly and effortlessly creates an elegant look making it the go-to option for meetings, job interviews and other formal occasions. But selecting suits for women can be a bit complex for their diversity. You get women’s suits as separates, where you have the scope for mix and match. Further, you can try opting for a suit skirt instead of trousers. And if you’re a fan of a waistcoat, you can add that to your suit mix.

So, getting your suited look right to stand out is crucial. And following is everything you need to know to choose a suit and nail the business look:

Suit Jacket

The most fashionable suit jackets for women are available in two lengths. One is cropped that ends within 15cm below the waist, and one is a bit longer, covering the seat.

Usually, you get jackets with one button in the front, which you can button up or leave open. The lapels are mostly plain or notched with jetted or flap front pockets. The jacket sleeves have three buttons on the cuff with mock buttonholes.

 Suit Pant

You get three types of pant styles for women’s suits. First is a utility style that is a classic cut with roomy legs. The second is a slim leg style ending at the ankle. The third is narrow cigarette pant, which ends 10 cm above the ankle. And for pockets, you get various options as well, but it is best to go for side pockets on the vertical or slant and two jetted back pockets.

Suit Skirt

Mostly, you get suit skirts in two shapes. First is the pencil skirt, which has a narrow fit and ends above the knee. Second, you get an A-line skirt that fits at the hips and has a hemline that flares out, resembling an A. You can also get additional features in your skirt, which include pleated detailing or front pockets.

Suit Vest

A vest is not a conventional choice while looking for suits for women. However, a vest can be versatile to help you create new looks for your skirt suit or pantsuit and serve you well in the winter. Also, it is less restrictive and does a job similar to that of a jacket. As such, you must go for jackets with four buttons in the front and jetted pockets in a business setup.


The fabric of women’s suits should be breathable. And the six fabric options are wool, cotton, cashmere, silk, linen and polyester.

  • Wool moulds perfectly around the shoulder and neck, rendering a smart look. Plus, it offers the required warmth during the winter.
  • Cashmere is of high quality, soft and can last for several years.
  • Cotton and linen are the best for the summers for their breathability.
  • Silk is more luxurious and ideal for big corporate events.
  • Polyester is the most used material for suits. It is easy to use and can be worn throughout the year.


The safest colour options are navy, black and charcoal. You can also break the mould and try out some pastel shades. Also, try mixing skirts and pants with different shirt options like checks and stripes in colours like pink, red and blues.

You may wonder whether to go for the tailor-made or off-the-rack while buying a suit for the first time. But remember, it is always best to go for tailor-made suits that fit you perfectly without being too tight or loose. Also, you have scope for customisation and make additions to the suit as you wish.

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