An extraordinary experience organized by Make-A-Wish

Every year, Make-A-Wish fulfills thousands of wishes for critically ill children. Wishes are granted by wish-granters. They are volunteers who put their hearts into contributing to a wish journey.

Wishes have proven to have a positive effect on the emotional wellbeing of a critically ill child.
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Experiencing an incredible day together with their loved ones, brings light into their lives. This is part of the work of Make-A-Wish. Read more about how you can help.

Families creating forever lasting memories

Each day families receive the news that crumbles down their world. Their child has a life-threatening illness. Not only the child’s life is impacted, but also their siblings’ life.
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It is a huge blow to get this kind of news.

Make-A-Wish has been established to give these children and their loved ones a positive boost. This is why Make-A-Wish organizes wish journeys, to renew strength and build up confidence that will make a child extra resilient. Strength and hope are an essential part of the healing process.
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By inviting the whole family on the wish journey, they get to forget their troubles for a while. It enables them to create precious memories.

Support Make-A-Wish International by donating

All over the world, children get critically ill everyday. This is why Make-A-Wish partners up with 39 affiliates to grant as many wishes as possible.

By granting a wish, Make-A-Wish International helps a critically ill child believe in themself and keep hope for a better future.

A wish journey does not come easily. Each wish journey is created with the help of thousands of volunteers, local partners, corporate sponsors and generous donors.

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Volunteers for Make-A-Wish International reside in most parts of the world. Many wishes can be granted because of their undeniable support and determination.

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You can help Make-A-Wish grant more wishes, and show children living with critical illnesses and their loved ones that the seemingly impossible, can be possible. Give hope and donate to Make-A-Wish International today.

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