Beginner’s Guide To Motorbike Top boxes

You’ve understood the many various ways a motorcycle can benefit now if you already own one and have ridden it for a while. From being only a mode of transportation from point a to b, the motorcycle has evolved into a daily buddy capable of transporting you to your workplace, favourite hangout, trip away, and children’s school.

Putting on these tasks would almost probably necessitate more cargo space. And it is at this point that the top boxes for motorcycles will become a crucial addition to your pony. After realising their functioning, you begin looking for motorbike equipment stores online, only to get stunned and bewildered by the market’s incredible diversity of top boxes. They appear in a range of forms, colours, and patterns, making it difficult to select one for your motorcycle.

Aside from the issues we discussed, it is vital to know that the Land Transportation Office (LTO) has a rule in place regarding the correct usage and construction of motorbike top boxes. Violations of the regulations, such as refusing to identify the box with the LTO or surpassing the size restriction, will result in a P5,000 fine.

Aside from looks and practicality, the motorbike user must be aware of the dimensions of the top box to avoid problems. Check out the following ten helpful hints when selecting top boxes for motorcycles to ensure your safety:

  • The size is appropriate.

The LTO said unequivocally that top boxes should not exceed two ft in height or two feet in breadth. That’s plenty of space for two full-size headgear and certain personal belongings like a coat and additional clothes.

  • A mechanism for latching.

Several of the items you’ll be transporting on the motorcycle are valuable. When selecting a top box, make sure the locking mechanism is in good working order. Make certain that it could be accessed with a hairpin.

  • Structure for fastening.

Top boxes are additional equipment that may be fitted to a motorcycle. They must be firmly attached to either the user railing or the rear carrier.

  • Excellent workmanship.

Top boxes are composed of various materials, including hard plastic, metal, and expanding soft casings. Examine the materials used to see if they are vulnerable to rust, may be readily torn off, or have minimal heat endurance. Nobody beats a high-quality container that can withstand any type of abuse.

  • Additional features.

You’re mistaken if you assume input jacks are just plain, square-shaped holding boxes that don’t provide anything more. Some include zippered pockets and hooks to keep items safe within. There appear to be top boxes with tiny bulbs to help you find stuff when it becomes dull.

  • There are attachments and warranty packages offered.

There are reputed top box manufacturers who provide repair parts and a warranty plan for their equipment.

  • Endurance at ultimate capacity.

Not all top frames are manufactured similar. Before determining whether or not to purchase top boxes for motorcycles, determine their maximum load capacity. You could require one that can withstand a significant amount of weight.

  • Examine the pricing.

Ensure you obtain a good deal after evaluating the points we’ve discussed. When looking for a top box, don’t be in a hurry. You’ll be shocked to learn there are many more options for top boxes in the marketplace than you initially anticipated. Pause, reflect and inhale.


  1. Wind resistance is lower than with tanks or saddlebags.
  2. It does not widen the bike
  3. Are frequently watertight
  4. Provide enough security for objects such as computers and documentation.
  5. Simple to put on and take off
  6. Secure and robust
  7. A pillion seat can be used as a backrest.
  8. Other objects can be strapped to the top box.
  9. It also functions as a portable sink.

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