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Benchtops – the lifestyle of kitchen décor

The kitchen is the nucleus of the house. It is a place where you start as well as end your day; a place to go for a morning cup of tea or to fulfil midnight cravings. Over the years, the concept and dynamics of the kitchen have changed. What once used to be a small room for just cooking and feeding family members has now turned into something extraordinary. The reason why it is considered the essence of a house is that it personifies the lifestyle of the family. Modern kitchens are the hub which has become an extended living room as family members have started spending more time in the kitchen.
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It is not just a place to cook but a place to relax and work, integrating many aspects of a home into one room.

It becomes necessary to have an elegant décor as it is the reflection of one’s lifestyle. The kitchen benchtop is naturally the vital spot in the kitchen as it helps to perform all functions efficiently. From organizing utensils to keeping food and performing culinary skills, all activities take place here.

There is a plethora of options available as a choice for benchtops and it depends upon the variety of needs of the people.

Following are the types of kitchen benchtops:


It is a finishing layer over plywood and medium-density fireboards (MDF) which comes in various colors and textures. It has many options which range from various types of finishes to sizes. It is cost-efficient, easy to maintain, and clean, however, it is not known for its longevity as water and knife scratches can tear down the laminate.  

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Wooden benchtops surpass all levels of class and elegancy. It ranges from yellowish to dark brown colors depending upon the quality of timber as well the finishing of oil.
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However, it requires a lot of maintenance as it must be covered in a way that it can repulse water.


This is the most sought-after choice of benchtops that households opt for, due to its convenience and hardy nature. It offers a variety of options of stones such as graphite, marble, onyx, soapstone et cetera. With a sturdy and sleek look, stones are the easiest to maintain as it is both water-friendly and immune to knife cuts.

Stainless Steel

This type is generally seen in the hospitality sector and used by chefs as a surface that is resistant to heat and water. However, the looks may not be as appealing as other options. Steels also make a lot of noise when in contact with any hard surface.

A kitchen is a go-to place for a house. It must reflect positivity and a sense of belonging. Thus, it is important to consider a few options for selecting benchtops.

Following factors must be considered for making buying decisions:


Based on the needs of the household, be it the choice of stone or timbre, the quality of the benchtops should be such that it is durable and doesn’t lead to any hindrance in daily activities.


Benchtops are not that part of the furniture which is regularly changed. The key characteristic of benchtops lies in their durability. Generally, it is stone that is selected as it has the least maintenance and the longest longevity.


Benchtops represents class and elegance. It enhances the finesse of the kitchen. A sight to soothe and a symbol of intricacy, the benchtops form as an essential part of kitchen décor.

Low-cost maintenance

Benchtops should be easy to clean and maintain. It requires an initial investment of choosing the type of material and installation of the same but doesn’t include any recurring costs. Thus, benchtops must be selected depending upon the level of maintenance.

The modern-day kitchen focuses heavily on kitchen benchtops and many companies have emerged that solely focus on the expertise of kitchen benchtops. Now, the kitchen is constructed in larger sizes as it includes a room for all the activities. Architectures and designers are coming up with newer ideas based on evolution and functionality and newer concepts are emerging every day in the market.

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