Benefits Of Collagen Protein And Whey Protein

If working out and building lean muscle is your goal, you have to increase your protein intake in your diet. But what if your diet is not enough? To reach your desired health goals, you must consume protein supplements. For that, you can buy protein powder at various online stores. There are many protein supplements such as collagen protein, whey protein, and so on. You can find them in the form of powder or bars online. Although with many of them out in the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one for you. Read further to know the benefits, similarities and differences of collagen and whey protein and most of all, you will get to know which one to pick.

Collagen Protein And Its Benefits

Collagen protein is found in abundance in the human body. It is essential for multiple aspects of your health. It supports and builds many tissues from bones to the hair. Below given are a few benefits of the protein.

  1. It Is An Easy-To-Digest Source Of Protein: It can be difficult for your body to digest proteins such as chicken or beef. After the meal, you may have to deal with burping or stomach pain if your body finds it unable to digest. Since collagen is hydrolyzed, it helps in supporting digestion by breaking down the collagen. The hydrolyzing process makes it easier to utilize them in water or smoothies by allowing collagen peptides to dissolve in water.
  2. It Improves Skin Health: One of the main components in your skin is collagen, which can strengthen your skin and plays an important role in skin elasticity and hydration. Wrinkles and dry skin are formed because of less collagen. Your body will only produce less collagen when you age. Several studies have suggested that collagen supplements or peptides slow down skin aging and reduce wrinkles or dryness.
  3. It Boosts Muscle Mass: At least 1% to 10% of the muscle tissue contains collagen. It is essential in the functioning of the muscles and keeping them strong.
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    According to studies, collagen promotes muscle protein synthesis and stimulates muscle growth after exercise.

Whey Protein And Its Benefits

Whey protein is a by-product of cheese or casein production when separated from milk. It has all nine essential proteins, and it is considered a complete protein. Below are a few benefits of whey protein.
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  1. It Helps In Building Muscle: Your muscles tend to attract complete proteins such as whey. Whey protein contains branched-chain amino acids, a type of protein that helps build your muscle. This protein also helps in promoting the growth of lean tissue mass.
  2. It Supports Wound Healing: Due to the amino acids in whey protein, it helps repair the skin and tissues from any surgery or wound.
  3. It Gives A Nutritional Boost And Supports Weight Gain: Whey protein can help people who desire to gain weight. It can also help people who require extra nutrition and have a long-term illness. Orthodontist also note that this type of protein is essential in preventing demineralization of the enamel on your teeth. Just one more added benefit

Key Similarities Of Collagen Protein And Whey Protein

Both collagen and whey protein are animal-based proteins that contain vital amino acids. You can consume the proteins by adding them to smoothies and shakes. Both have similar health benefits like muscle building, muscle growth and so on.

Key Differences Between Collagen Protein And Whey Protein

As mentioned earlier, whey protein contains all the necessary amino acids that are used in protein supplementation. Collagen is a structural protein and consists of essential amino acids except for tryptophan. It is used to supplement bone health, joint health, skin health, hair and nail health.

Different people have different fitness and health goals. For example, whey protein is mainly used by individuals who perform intense workouts. On the other hand, collagen protein benefits your overall health by improving joint pain, giving you glowing skin and so on. You can consume both depending upon the needs and requirements of the body. So, you can buy protein powder from online stores and stay fit by working out and exercising. Indeed, you will reach your desired health and fitness goals with a sufficient amount of protein.

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