Best Bob Haircuts to Copy This Year


There is no doubt that the Bob hairstyle is one of the most famous hairstyles in history, in a way, it is the most timeless, because it has been popular on the top of the wave for nearly a hundred years. Of course, it has undergone changes, but no matter how long it has passed, it is still one of the favorites of women all over the world and one of the most needed in our beauty salons. This is why we will launch a special bob hairstyle. We hope you can better understand the importance of this hairstyle in the history of hairdressing. Of course, you will fall in love with its charm (if not) you have done it). Read some bob haircuts ideas below;

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Pioneer of Bob Hairstyle

They are artists ahead of the times and admired women celebrities of the time. Women without Instagram and blogs opened up new possibilities in the hairdressing world and created a precedent that continues to this day. Hairstyle weekly did not speak, nor took a peek on the screen, so their expressiveness and nonverbal language are everything. Although, there is no doubt that his hairstyle has a lot to do with this, because this is his most distinctive feature.
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With straight bangs and a very short cut, her Bob marks the back and forth in history Visit The Site:

The Popularity of Bob Scissors

In the 1920s, not only celebrities chose Bob, but middle-class women who were not bound by the conventions of the time and ignored the norms, in short, the most progressive, also turned to Bob.

These women are called baffles.
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This term refers to the new lifestyle of young women. Women with a lot of makeup, short skirts but no corsets; who listen to jazz and dance in the clubs of the time; they drink, smoke, drive a car. In short, their behavior is similar to that of women. But the best part is that her hairstyle is not only an aesthetic issue, but also shows obvious changes in paradigm and attitude. She is willing to go further and promote women’s empowerment, which continues to this day.

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Bob’s haircut today

Nearly a hundred years later, Bob haircuts are still a trend and are considered one of the best choices for short hair. This is a classic in the hairdressing industry. At hairstyle weekly we are experts in achieving this goal.

But why is Bob’s tailoring so timeless?
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And, despite the short hair, you can make a lot of innovations with it whether it is about the hairstyle itself, or accessories that can be used to modify it, and collections that can be made with this short hair.

The original Bob shape extends all the way to the chin, with a sharp outline. Its main advantages are that it is easy to achieve this appearance and easy to maintain. It does not require too much care or excessive use of brushes and dryers.

However, over time, it has adopted different lengths, from earlobes to shoulders, including bobs that are longer on both sides of the nape and shorter on the back. Any option is valid if it is to make the most of the appearance.

How do I know if Bob’s hairstyle is right for me?

 It is important to understand your face shape and the hairstyle that suits you. Let’s look at some examples:

If your face is elongated, the shortest possible bob shape will be more suitable for you, which will help you shape your face and soften your facial features. In addition, the hair can be staggered to increase its volume and live longer.

If you have an angular face with obvious chin and cheekbones, a bob with soft lines is suitable for you, which is delicate and does not highlight your characteristics. Read More About:

Finally, a round or heart-shaped face looks great with a longer bob, with a little volume on the sides of the face. What is the known long bob, we will discuss later. In another article, we provide you with some key points so that you can understand the hairstyles for round and fat faces.

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