Buy a tent or rent a tent? Reasons for not renting

If you need a service for special occasions such as weddings or flea markets, renting may be a good solution. In fact, the price is usually lower than the price of buying a reception tent. However, if you think you will need a Barnum again in the future, it will be more advantageous to buy it. Starting from the second use, if you compare the purchase with renting a party tent, your investment will be rewarded price is just one of the 6 aspects discussed in this article! For example, did you know that tents are only part of the budget? Are you ready to respect all the content of the contract for renting the barn?

Hiring a reception tent: advantages?

In the medium to long term, buying your own teltudlejning service it will be cheaper than other renting service companies. From the second lease, you will exceed the price of the reception tent at the time of purchase. Therefore, we must treat the rental of the reception bar as an investment. There will always be an outdoor party that needs shelter to protect guests from rain or sunlight. In this case, having a party tent or folding Barnum is very practical. If there is no plan to host a party, the pavilion can still be used as a storage room or shelter in the garden. There are many possibilities to use a party tent!

Arbors already in use

If you plan to rent a reception pavilion on your birthday, please note that you are not renting a new product: the tent has been used by many people before you. It is very unlikely that the canvas is completely clean and well-structured, which is normal after multiple uses.

With a rental bar, you will also find it harder to realize the quality of the structure. You have no way of knowing where it was purchased and its price. You must also be satisfied with its wear marks and accept them. During the inventory, you need to thoroughly inspect the rental pavilion and report any damaged or torn areas before use. Please feel free to take photos as evidence. Therefore, you are not responsible for any damages that you have not caused.

It is usually much easier to buy a leje af festtelt. The first advantage is that you, therefore, have your own pavilion and you will receive a brand new pavilion.
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You know where it comes from; you know the quality of the material. Therefore, if you take good care of it, it will be perfect for your first party and subsequent parties. Therefore, you can provide your guests with a high-quality environment, using a perfect white canvas. So you don’t have to worry about using unnatural-looking decorations to hide defects. At INTENT24, our parties tents are 100% waterproof, stable, and can even protect you from UV rays.

Lease contract obligations

Is flexibility important to you? In this case, you should reconsider your decision to rent a reception pavilion for your event. The lease allows you to be bound by the contract and conditions determined by the leasing company. Although the conditions vary from provider to provider, most of them are more or less similar.

Lease term

The udlejning af telt period for reception pavilions, especially for larger models, must usually exceed three days. Vendors will rarely agree to hire a professional Barnum for you in one day. For example, if your birthday party is on a Saturday, the structure will be delivered to you on Friday and will be collected at a specific time on Sunday.

The delivery time is usually specified by the company. Therefore, your tent may need to be removed as soon as possible after your party. In particular, you need to clean the party tent so that the company can pick it up on time.
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Event Location

Service providers often use large vehicles to transport their wine cellars. So, for a practical problem, they require the event to take place where the truck can reach. However, this may not be what you expect. If the anniversary is held in a backyard or off the beaten track, the company may deny you a rental.

In the best case, if the vehicle cannot enter the party venue, the company may ask you to go by yourself and use a car to pick up the Barnum. These unforeseen events must be considered before renting a tent.

Marquee size

Each supplier will provide different sizes of tents, usually the most typical and most popular sizes.

If the size you need is not suitable for your reception, you may have a hard time finding the Barnum you are looking for. If you decide to rent, you must adapt to the size provided by the rental company, which means adopting an available model, a pavilion that is too small or buying a larger barn. By purchasing your own party tent from a professional retailer, you are sure to find the size you need!

Any additional costs

At first, glance, renting a reception desk seems to be the simplest and most practical solution. Most suppliers, in addition to the structure, also provide, for example, wooden or aluminum floors, electric or gas heating, and some even provide sound systems. They also provide delivery and assembly services. If the complete package looks good, it may not be the best choice. We explain why complete packaging often has advantages only in appearance.

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