Cakes That You Should Definitely Try

Cakes are the delicious part of any feast. Without cakes, we cannot imagine any celebration is completed. But we often order the same cakes because we do not have the knowledge about the variety being presented. The same kind of cakes get boring, and therefore, we need something new to add to our celebration. Considering the same, we have come up with some decadent cakes that you should definitely try and add to your occasion. These cakes are ruling people’s hearts, and many have appreciated the peculiar design and texture they enjoy.
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Once you will try these cakes, you would definitely have a surfeit of cake flavours and designs for different feasts and celebrations. Also, you can choose to bake or opt for midnight birthday cake delivery in Chennai from any reliable portal. So, let’s have a look at the varieties of cakes we have covered for you.

Pinata Cake

As lockdown happened, we all turned bakers, chefs and tried different food items. Well, Pinata is one such experiment that came out really well and people loved the way it was showcased. This cake is peculiar because you don’t need a knife first, but you need a hammer to smash this cake. If you haven’t tried Pinata yet, you should definitely do it once. The layer of chocolate and the surprise cake or mixture inside will leave you amused.
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Pull Me Up Cake

Another lip-smacking yet unique cake that you should definitely consider is a Pull Me Up cake. This cake is made of different layers, and then it is covered with plastic. You need to pour the ganache and sprinkles at the top before removing the plastic. Once you remove it, you would experience the beauty of ganache flowing down. So, what do you think? Will you try this cake? Again, you can bake it easily at home, or if you want, you can opt for cake order in chennai.

Bomb Cake

As the name suggests bomb cake, you would have imagined how it looks. Yes, it is in the bomb shape that you burn, and when it opens, you would see a flavoursome cake waiting patiently for you. The outer bomb is the beauty of this cake. The structure is peculiar and is being loved by many nowadays. Obviously, if you add this cake, guests present in your function will be astounded with this cake.

Upside Down Pineapple Cake

We often garnish the cake with different fruits and sprinkles but do you know – you can easily bake a cake with garnish in it. This is an admirable cake where you place the pineapple at the bottom and then cover it with the batter you made. Once it is baked, you just need to place the cake upside down, and it will look amazing. Baking this cake is very easy; you can choose any flavour and add it with the pineapple. So, try it out once and enjoy the texture and flavours of this cake.
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Rum Raisins Plum Cake

As Christmas arrives, we look forward to devouring a Plum cake. But there are many who haven’t tried this delicious and easy-to-bake cake. The flavours of soaked dry fruits, rum, raisins, blueberries, and chopped almonds are worth having this cake. Europeans often have this cake during the holiday season, so even you can enjoy your holiday time with this cake, wine and breadsticks. This will make your holiday season worth remembering.

Blueberry Cheesecake

Have you tried this lip-smacking cake with unique flavours and dripping texture? If not, then you should definitely go for a blueberry cheesecake. The extraordinary flavours of cream cheese, graham cracker crumbs, blueberry, sour cream, and lemon zest are worth trying. Also, the buttery, moist texture makes it look delicious and delicate. So, if you are thinking of making a cheesecake at home, go for it. You can also try the no-bake cheesecake and enjoy the frozen texture and graham crackers with blueberries dripping and adorning the cake.

So, these are some of the cakes that we think you will enjoy and add to your celebration. These cakes have a unique texture and flavours that will notch up our celebration. The cheesecake, bomb cake, Pinata cake, Pull Me Up cake, Plum cake are readily available. So, choose a reliable shop and make them a part of your life.

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