CompTIA PenTest+ vs. CEH: Which is the best fit for you?

CompTIA PenTest+ is specifically designed for the professionals who exploit, identify, manage and report the vulnerabilities on a particular network. Penetration Testing, known as ethical hacking, is generally used to check the weaknesses or vulnerabilities present in a system for troubleshooting and innovating a more reliable system. Pen testers often recruit the same mindsets and skilled hackers who are very well acquainted with the system. Moreover, ethical hackers operate with permission, and the main objective of tightening the security of the designs from solid attacks. Achieving the following credential is essential in Information Technology security to advance vendor-neutral and practical expertise along with their capabilities. Buy RDP From reliable sites.

CEH stands for a certified ethical hacker, which is a certification that individuals can achieve by demonstrating the security of the computer systems by identifying the vulnerabilities and weaknesses present in the system. The main objective of the CEH certified candidates is to locate the vulnerabilities and deal with the following. Achieving the following credential allows individuals to access ethical hacking legitimately and lawfully. The individuals need to develop their abilities to apply all the techniques they have learned in the following field. They are required to compromise several simulated systems within a virtual environment.

There are many individuals out there who are pretty confused regarding choosing both the certifications, namely CEH and CompTIA PenTest+. Listed below is an overview of both the certification for individuals to select the proper accreditation for them.

What are CEH and CompTIA PenTest+ credentials?

The certification of CEH and CompTIA PenTest+ are intermediate-level credentials that address the individuals’ penetration testing skills. The certification exam of both certificates tests the expertise of the individuals in the field of cybersecurity. The examinations need offensive knowledge regarding cybersecurity and ethical hacking. That is the point where the similarities between both the end of the certification. The certification of CEH develops the skills of the individuals in the field of site administration.

In contrast, the credential of CompTIA PenTest+ develops the skills of the individuals in the area of security analysis. The only advantage the CompTIA PenTest+ certification provides is that it creates the skills of the individuals in Application security vulnerability analysis and vulnerability assessment analysis. The examination objectives of both the certification exams also differ to some extent.

Benefits of CompTIA PenTest+ vs. CEH:

1. CompTIA PenTest+ gives three times more employment:

The CompTIA PenTest+ credential module has also been known that individuals who master in vulnerability assessment and vulnerability management are more likely to find job offers than CEH certified candidates. The credential and beneficial exam of CEH comprises numerous models and projects that help in evaluating skills and dimensions of working.

2. CompTIA PenTest+ is a performance-oriented examination:

To achieve the CompTIA PenTest+ credential, individuals need to qualify for both practical and performance-orientated questions. The questions might be performance-based or multiple-choice. There is no necessary prerequisite which the candidates need to fulfill to appear in the certification exam.

3. CompTIA Pen-test+ is a brand house for collaboration and ideas:

Both the certifications have online and offline training systems. The certification test of CEH covers around 20 modules with numerous attack technologies which ethical hackers generally use, and it also offers 140 labs. The training solutions of CompTIA PenTest+ will help the individuals to demonstrate everything they know. The training solutions of the CompTIA PenTest+ are innovated in a way to allow the individuals. It will help to understand what they are studying and what they will appear in their test.

4. The certification cost of CompTIA PenTest+ is less expensive:

The cost of CompTIA PenTest+ certification is around 370 USD and the following consists of both performance-oriented simulators and multiple-choice questions. On the other hand, the cost of CEH certification is about 1199 USD. The following also doesn’t contain performance-oriented questions. Some individuals prefer choosing the course costing them 370 USD over an 1199 USD course.

5. CompTIA PenTest+ certification covers much more than technical skills:

The following credential matches the requirements of the individuals by covering a lot more than technical topics along with soft skills like business processes, best practices, the flow of the project, and many more such things, whereas the CEH certification exam doesn’t.


The certification of CompTIA PenTest+ and CEH are adequate for the candidates in the long run. Both the credentials make a great addition to their resume and provide them with a high salary. They have to choose which certification is best for them.

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