Conclusion on Sportswear industry

Just to conclude we have to better understand some trends and some companies‟ behavior that will have a strong influence on the future.
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First of all we have to do a consideration about the forecast or to better say we have to do an add. Indeed in the last years, sportswear are not seen anymore as just clothes to wear when doing sports but also to going out with friends or to have comfort and be warm in every moment, and this new field is a secret for the success in the future.
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Sport clothes are not only for doing exercise they are for everyday and every time, indeed the 80% of the people, interviewed about when they use sport clothes, answered they are used 57 DataMonitor, “Industry Report: Sports Equipment in China”, DataMonitor Report 2010 to wear them every time and not only during the sport performance (Cotton Incorporated, 2009)58.

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This change of mind of the purchasers in the last years rose by a change in the concept of sportswear, today basketball jerseys or golfing tees, or footwear are not just boring stuff useful in the competition very sad and monochromatic, today they have become fashion too, designers are trying to make sports apparel as more fashionable as possible, thinking about the right combination of color, style and functionality in order to have a useful and cool product.

Nowadays the sportswear industry and equipment is not only fashion or comfort, it is a profitable marketplace where there are lucrative possibilities and where it is possible finding cases in which governments finance the sports industry in order to attract tourist and local fans (Jonathon Serrano,2009)59 .

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