Customer gift: Tips for choosing your corporate gourmet basket

Are you looking for an original corporate gift? Composed of a variety of products presented in a beautiful gift packaging, the gourmet basket could be your favorite choice! Offer a moment of sharing to your employees during the tasting of delicacies and quality dishes that will delight their taste buds. Your clients, professional contacts and associates will surely remember this nice touch! We’re going to advise you in choosing the ideal gourmet box to have delivered to the destination of your choice.

5 tips for choosing a gourmet corporate gift:

Our first advice for choosing your gift basket is to consider the size of the company or community to which you wish to offer it. Are you looking for a gourmet gift for a whole team or do you want to give this special attention to one person only? Depending on the number of people making up the SME or organization of your professional contact, consider choosing a tasting basket of an appropriate size so that its contents can be shared between all employees!

The quality of the products making up your gourmet package will also be appreciated by the recipient of your customer gift, which demonstrates both the uniqueness of your choice and your consideration for your employee.

Our advice: get closer to an online delicatessen that will offer you a selection of quality products for the composition of a unique gourmet box.

A gourmet corporate gift specialist like Yumbles will also advise you on the best way to combine these authentic flavors.

You can find a lot of choices by visiting From timeless traditional dishes of gastronomy to the most original gourmet creations that everyone will love to discover, choose a varied composition that will suit all tastes. Also consider that your gourmet gift is practical to eat during the break, for example. Thus, a basket of chocolates or an assortment of sweets and sweets will be easily enjoyed over tea or coffee!

In addition to the taste aspect, a customer gift provider will also accompany you in the visual harmonization of your gourmet basket. Find a large selection of gourmet boxes presented in several types of gift packaging from your business gift supplier; from the filled basket to the basket to share, including the gourmet box and other ready-to-offer holiday boxes.

These pretty compositions will impress your collaborators for sure, marking the spirits with their originality!

Finally, choose an exemplary gourmet parcel delivery service. By favoring the services of a service provider specialized in the delivery of gourmet baskets, you save precious time, in particular on the logistics management of this shipment. You will of course be able to track your package throughout its delivery to ensure that your gourmet gift has been delivered to its recipient on the desired date.

After all, gift baskets can also be ordered for a recurring event. Thus, making a gourmet gift to your professional contact as the anniversary date of the creation of his company or a festive meal approaches, will reaffirm your loyalty within the framework of your collaboration. A collection of special festive gourmet boxes accompanied by a drink with or without alcohol is offered to you in order to find the most appropriate sweet and savory gourmet basket for each festive occasion.

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