Electric Vehicles Are Not Convenient

The myth that electric cars are not effective as a real form of transportation or that they are not convenient is a really silly myth/rumor. Car companies and others have complained that there is not enough recharging infrastructure across the country or that you cannot charge the car anywhere you would like as with fueling up a car.

A popular question is, “Suppose you’re driving and you are not near your home to charge up or you run out of electricity; what do you do?” Well, my favorite answer is, “I would do the same thing I’d do if I ran out of gas—call AAA or a tow truck.
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The reality is that electric vehicles are extremely convenient. Recharging is as convenient as your nearest electrical outlet, especially for conversion cars using 100- volt charging outlets. Here are some other reasons:

  • You can get electricity anywhere you can get gas—there are no gas stations without electricity.
  • You can get electricity from many other places—there are few homes and virtually no businesses in the United States without electricity. All these are potential sources for you to recharge your electric vehicle.
  • Overtime, as electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric cars become prevalent, fuel providers will increase their infrastructure for charging stations and we will all love the price of that versus a gallon of gas.
  • As far as being stuck in the middle of nowhere goes, other than taking extended trips in western U.S. deserts (and even these are filling up rapidly), there are 16 Build Your Own Electric Vehicle Chapter 1: Why Electric Vehicles Are Still Right for Today! 17 7 3/8 x 9 1/4 T echnical / Build Your Own Electric Vehicle / Leitman / 373-2 / Chapter 1 only a few places you can drive 75 miles without seeing an electric outlet in the contiguous United States. Europe and Japan have no such places.
  • Plug-in-anywhere recharging capability is an overwhelming electric vehicle advantage.
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    No question it’s an advantage when your electric vehicle is parked in your home’s garage, carport, or driveway.
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    If you live in an apartment and can work out a charging arrangement, it’s an even better idea: a very simple device can be rigged to signal you if anyone ever tries to steal your car.
  • How much more convenient could electric vehicles be? There are very few places you can drive in the civilized world where you can’t recharge in a pinch, and your only other concern is to add water once in a while.

Electricity exists virtually everywhere; you just have to figure out how to tap into it. If your electric vehicle has an onboard charger, extension cord, and plug(s) available, it’s no more difficult than going to your neighbor’s house to borrow a cup of sugar. Except, of course, you probably want to leave a cash tip in this case.

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