Electric Vehicles Can’t Go Fast Enough

Well, this is probably true if you are talking about a four-ton van carrying 36 batteries. The reality is that EVs can go as fast as you want—just choose the electric vehicle model (or design or build one) with the speed capability you want. One example of how fast they can accelerate was when I was driving a TH!NK City (really small City EV) in New York City, as shown in the introduction.

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I was at a traffic light next to a Ford cab (how appropriate since Ford owned TH!NK at the time). The cabbie wanted to see how fast it could go so I said, “I know it can beat you.” (Please note that all of this was done well within the legal speed limits on the road in Manhattan!) He said, “You’re crazy!” So the light turned green and I hit the accelerator.

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The look on the cabbie’s face was worth a million dollars. He was more than surprised at the torque and acceleration. People on the street were screaming, “Go, go, go.” I blew him away. We met up at the next traffic light and he said, “Where can I get one?” Enough said. Current technology EVs use nickel batteries, such as the Toyota RAV4 or even today’s hybrid electric cars such as the Prius or the Honda Civic hybrid.Movie rulz  : visit here

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Other conversion companies are starting to use lithium-ion batteries; however, most still use lead acid. The speed of an electric vehicle is directly related to its weight, body/chassis characteristics such as air and rolling resistance, electric motor size (capacity), and battery voltage. The more voltage, the more batteries you have, the faster any given electric motor will be able to push the vehicle—but adding batteries adds also to the vehicle weight.

All of these factors mean you can control how much speed you get out of your EV, and you’re certainly not limited in any way. If speed is important, then optimize the electric vehicle you choose for it. It’s as simple as that.

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