Everything You Need to Know about Cowboy Hat Etiquettes

Cowboy hats are one of the most popular and loved fashion accessories in the world. This is why many Americans prioritize cowboy hats while shopping for hats. If you want to showcase a western fashion statement, it won’t be complete without the cowboy hats. Even if you wear an attractive leather jacket and cowboy boots, the cowboy hats are the first thing that will tell you’re wearing a western fashion outfit. However, keep in mind that cowboy hats aren’t like other types of available hats in the market that you can purchase and wear anytime. There are some specific rules about cowboy hats, from washing to etiquettes. This is something you cannot afford to neglect. Here is a list of some basic etiquette regarding the cowboy hats as well as the maintenance process. 

What Etiquettes Do You Need to Follow While Wearing the Cowboy Hats?

Many people don’t know the cowboy hat etiquettes. Following the etiquettes will not only make you a gentleman but also showcase your respect towards the community. As per Small business, your dress code will showcase professionalism. If you don’t follow the cowboy hats etiquette, you might damage your image or reputation. Here are some points you need to remember while wearing cowboy hats during outdoor activities:

  • While entering a building, make sure you take your hat off. This is important especially if you’re entering your office or business meeting room. This will showcase your respect towards other people. 
  • Even if you wear cowboy hats to informal parties or occasions, you need to consider the mood and feel of the event. This way you can determine if wearing a cowboy hat at a specific event is a good idea or not. 
  • While having dinner or launch, make sure you take off your cowboy hat. However, you don’t need to take off the cowboy hat if you’re receiving food from the counter. 

How Can You Care for Your Cowboy Hats?

Now that you’re aware of the basic etiquettes of cowboy hats, you need to know the process handling process of the cowboy hats. It’s important to know that there are multiple processes regarding the handling of cowboy hats. There are some specific rules regarding how you can wear the hat, how you can take off the hat, how you should place the hat perfectly and when you need to take it off. As the debate is endless, you need to familiarize yourself with the cowboy hats. 

Despite the thought you’re planning to follow, remember that handling the cowboy hats in an area that could damage the structure or appearance of the hats is a big no. Therefore, depending on the type and model, make sure you check the crown and beam of the cowboy hats so that you can determine the sturdier area. Once you’re confident about your choice, make sure you follow that procedure permanently. Remember that any bend or flex will damage the shape of the cowboy hats. 

How Do You Care for Your Hats While Travelling?

While you’re traveling with your precious and high-quality cowboy hats, you need to take extra precautions. Remember that improper care during the travel period will not only damage the materials of the hat but also the structural integrity. Therefore, while purchasing cowboy hats from the American hat company make sure you also purchase a box so that you can protect the hats from various damages while traveling. Never carry expensive cowboy hats in cheap containers. 

Hat Removal Etiquettes

There are a couple of events where you need to remove the hat from your head. For instance, you need to remove your cowboy hat during pledges, national anthem, any ceremony regarding church and national flag including funerals and marriage. It’s also a good practice to remove your hat while talking to pastors, clergy, and even lawman. Here are some hat removal etiquettes you should know:

  • Make sure you hold your cowboy hat by crown while adjusting the position. 
  • While removing the hat, make sure the brim of the cowboy hat is pointing up as well as the crown. Use a hat stand or rack to achieve better results. 
  • Don’t forget to consider the interior of the hat. The crown of the band isn’t suitable for public display. 

Hat Style Considerations

Cowboy hats are available in various styles depending on the season. Therefore, you need to be careful while choosing a particular style for your cowboy hat. You cannot choose felt cowboy hats during the summer months as they are designed for winter purposes. 

Hat Size

This is one of the most important factors you need to remember while choosing cowboy hats. The size you choose for your cowboy hat should be relevant as per the size of your head and face. If you choose hats of irrelevant size, the hats won’t help you showcase your fashion statement. Hats that are too big will look vague. On the other hand, hats that are too small will make your head look squeezed. While purchasing cowboy hats, make sure you follow the size chart to choose the perfect size. 


Cowboy hats are undoubtedly extremely personal property. Therefore, don’t let anyone touch your cowboy hats. If you know how to wear the hat perfectly, it will become one of the most desired fashion accessories of your wardrobe. 


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