Everything You Need to Know About Cruiser Bicycles

Cycling is such a healing activity that you can enjoy it even if you hate external activities. It not only helps to stay fit but also acts as a decent means of transport from one place to another easily.

One can use different kinds of cycles to suit one’s needs, and cruiser bikes are one of them. This bike is extremely popular with folks who frequent the beach.

Now, here’s what you should know about cruiser bicycles.

What are Cruiser Bicycles?

These special types of bicycles focus predominantly on the comfort and ease of the rider. Also known as a beach cruiser, it is a great vehicle for a recreational and relaxing cycling experience. Its unique and simple design is the best for anyone wanting to enjoy a serene ride.

What are These Bikes Used For?

Due to their convenience, cruiser bikes are mainly used by those who wish to take a refreshing bike ride. You will mostly find these bikes along the beaches and sidewalks where people would be leisurely cruising on their durable yet handy cycle.

Components of Cruiser Bicycles


Traditional beach cruisers have smoother and rounder structures with thick tyres for additional comfort. They have a shorter seat space, and the saddle is placed lower than the handlebars helping the rider sit upright.

Steel has always been the dominant material used to build these cycles, but nowadays, aluminium has become more popular because of its lightness and affordability.


Cruiser bicycle tyres tend to be bulkier than regular cycles. The inflation provides a smoother ride by softening the impact of any bumps on the road.

Wheels can vary for these bikes, with as many as 140 spokes or as few as 36 spokes.


These bikes use long handlebars, which adds to the riders’ comfort. As their handlebars are positioned higher than other bikes, it also provides an elevated position which is good for the cyclist’s back.

Typically, these handlebars are different from BMX or mountain bikes. But now, hybrid cruiser bicycles work for BMX competitions as well.


These bikes come with coaster brakes rather than brake leavers. An advantage to this is that they work well in every weather condition and are also low maintenance.

Different Types of Cruiser Bicycles

There are different types of cruiser bicycles available, and you can choose any according to your taste and necessity. Here are two wonderful options you will love.

Classic Cruiser Bicycles

As its name suggests, the classic cruiser bikes are built for cruising around, enabling cyclists to sit in a healthy position. It also has bigger tyres for improved ease of movement. This is the best option to commute to places like offices, schools, etc.

BMX Cruiser Bicycles

Even though cruiser bicycles differ from BMX bikes, you can also find a BMX Cruiser with the qualities of both types. These bikes are precise and nimble like a BMX but have a large frame with 24-inch wheels. It focuses more on comfort, making it much more forgiving than other race bikes. So if you wish to race with it, remember that you must apply to the separate cruiser class category.

In Conclusion

Cruiser bikes are great for many things, and it is better to be extra careful while choosing one. It effectively serves the purpose of being the best transportation device and also works pretty well as a race bike. So, it is soundest to experience its benefits by using it yourself.

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