Exercise, Mental Stimulation, and Dog Training

Want to know various ways to help keep your dog tiring and busy? Try including mental stimulation in the daily routine of your dog rather than including physical exercise; add some brain games to keep him busy.

Exercise and Mental Stimulation

· Mentally challenge your dog

According to Nancy Bernard the owner of 360 Dog Walker San Francisco “To stay healthy and happy, dogs need a lot of mental stimulation. Teach your dog new tricks, give him a puzzle toy, and keep him busy playing new games. Puzzle toys are a great way to give your dog some fun when you can’t pay 100% attention to them.”

· Fight boredom

Add outings or extra walks to your dog’s routine. Take them to various places with different views. You can take them to work with you. Also, you can keep them mentally active by switching their toys.

· Exercise

Try dog ​​yoga, run with your dog, climb stairs, or take the dog on a hike. You both will do exercise and have fun together.

·  Slow super eating

If your dog eats their food too fast, their risk of stomach problems increases, which can cause them to vomit. For their good digestive health, slowing down the dog’s diet is good. You can easily do it by buying a puzzle feeder from a pet store. You can also put a large tennis ball in the food bowl of your dog. Both will work in the same way; your dog will have to work around an inedible barrier to eat.

Dog Training

· Training as a game

Ready rewards, treat, and praise your dog. If you make training fun, instead of being scolded during it, you will see improved results. Through this process, the dog will respond well to various rewards. During training, reward positive response with a treat. Your dog will learn to just do what you ask of him to have a reward.

· Appreciate the dog

Especially with dogs of stubborn breeds, potty training can be challenging. Appreciate your dogs each time they go out and are relieved. Cheer your dog until it becomes a habit. If you are training your dog at home, reward him after pooping or peeing at the place of your choice. Repeat this each time, take the dog out after he drinks water, take a meal, or every 4 to 6 hours.

· Correct bad behavior

Dogs have poor memory, and if you scold those five minutes later for doing something wrong, they will not associate the scolding with abuse. Only reprimand them if you catch them in the act. Additionally, to encourage your dog to repeat the behavior, give him immediate rewards and positive feedback for good behavior.

· Continuous training

Enlist house rules for dogs and follow them. For example, will the dog be allowed in all parts of the house, on furniture, or around the family during dinner? To avoid confusion during dog training, stick to the same training rules. To avoid confusing your dog, ensure that all family members agree to follow the rules consistently.


To improve mental stimulation, you can add some brain games to keep your dog busy. Give rewards, treats and praise your dog each time after completing a goal and make training fun for him.

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