Factors to deliberate on before buying a solar water heater

Water heaters are devices that seize light from the sun and use it to heat water. It is an economical means of generating hot water. This article focusses on the conditions to consider before purchasing a solar water heater.

High electricity costs and undependable power sources have constantly challenged most African households. The invention of solar energy as a new energy source has made several homes opt to use it because of its proven efficiency, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. Though, a challenging task for developers and homeowners is the choice of the right equipment.
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Therefore, before buying a solar heater, it’s vital to deliberate on the following factors.

 Water Source

Before purchasing and installing a solar water heater, it is important to determine the water source because hard and soft water have diverse mineral capacities. Thus each requires different heating systems. A hard water source uses a direct heating system, whereas a soft water source will use an indirect heating system.


Evacuated Tube Collector (ETC) and Flat Plate Collectors (FPC) are the two forms of solar collectors. The Flat Plate Collectors are made of metals and are suitable for use in tropical climates due to their high emissivity and conductivity. The Flat Plate Conductors are bulky and more expensive than ETC solar water heater price. The Flat Plate Conductors are robust, durable, and easier to maintain.

The Evacuated Tube Collector has a higher heat-retaining capacity; therefore, it is appropriate for temperate and tropical regions.
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Nevertheless, since ETC are made of glass, they’re very delicate and should be touched with care during servicing, installation, and operation.

 Plumbing work

Plumbing work is also a key factor to be considered. Most people and technicians make mistakes in plumbing work since most of them aren’t aware of how two-way piping operates. The two-way piping mechanism is a mechanism whereby cold and hot water is linked to a house by using two pipes, i.
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Type of the tank used

The tank used to stock heated water must withstand heat and utmost significantly hold the heat, apart from its capacity. A good storage tank ought to be able to retain heat for long hours and must be thick. It should also have food wellbeing measures to guarantee that the stored water doesn’t have an uncouth smell.

Service life

Before purchasing a water heater, it’s important to be aware of its service life. Most households and organizations are interested in buying a solar water heater with a long lifespan to ensure value for their investments.

Temperature Regulation

A good water heater must have a thermostatic capacity that is inbuilt to regulate temperature to the required threshold for internal applications to avoid burning effects that will cause damage to the skin from the moist heat. This is dangerous since it extinguishes affected cells and tissues, causing shock to the body.


Due to the high electricity cost, it is reasonable to opt for using a solar water heater in your household or organization because it is cheaper. However, it is important to consider the above mentioned factors before making purchases.

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