Features in a lawn mowers to consider when buying one

When one wants to cut, trim or mow grass either for your compound, fields, lawns or garden it is good to have a quality manual lawnmower. There are many types of lawn mowers, but it is best that if you want your work to be done nicely consider the features of the lawn mowers before buying one. This article will best explain those features.

A lawn mower is used widely for cutting, mowing or trimming grass patches, lawns, fields and gardens, thus ensuring that the grasslandstays well-groomed. It also helps the grassto grow evenly, and to the appropriate height. Usually, lawn mowers use one or multiple blades that revolve or movecutting the grass evenly, to the desired height. Many features are in a lawn mower that is important to consider when buying one.

Self-propelled lawn mowers

These manual lawn mowers are heavy to carry, so it is best to consider those that are self-propelled to save on energy and time. These are petrol-driven ones see to it that the one you are buying has large wheels and a wider frame. Before buying one some have specifications that can suit your speed and those that have the adjustable features for your pace can prove helpful.
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Type and material

Type and material are some chief features to consider before purchasing a lawn mower. These machines are mainly made of metal hence they are heavy, but some are less heavy like cordless or electric.
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Electric ones have cables that drag behind them hence it can be annoying or unsafe.

Starting features

Manual lawn mower prices in Kenya have gone to the length of providing different types of lawn mowers especially with different starting features for petrol-driven ones. Some need one to pull the cords to start them like the petrol-driven one which can be cumbersome but also their others that to start them you press a button. It is important to consider your preference before buying one.


There are many different types of lawn mowers and each comes with different types. It is best to consider your pocket first before buying one. Check for the quality and buy a suitable one for the best result.


You will always need to move your lawn mower to work and from work for storage purposes then it is always important to buy one with carrying handles.

Grass collectors

Another principal feature in a manual lawn mower is the random evacuating of the grass hoarder. A full collector may be heavy hence consider using a lawnmower that superbly slices and distributes the grass on the grassland, as an alternative of collecting it. Mulching is a setting used for lawn maintenance rather than a lawn makeover.


When buying a lawn mower best check the benefit it gives you. Pick out one that is highly portable, improved productivity, multi-function utility, is a cheap power source, is energy efficient, has low operating cost light, is easy to move and after-sale services.


To conclude, I approve all these features to consider in a manual lawn mower before purchasing one which are self-propelled mowers, their type and material used, one that has handles and the profits it serves you.

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