FondMart Review – How Do I Buy a FondMart Product?

Before you begin to browse the website, consider these important factors: how does it work? Does it integrate with Shopify? Does it offer after-sales service? What makes a product stand out from the rest? These are all questions you should ask yourself before you purchase a product from FondMart. Read on to discover the pros and cons of both options. Ultimately, you will want to consider the price, quality, and overall value of the products.


If you’ve ever used an online marketplace, you’ve probably noticed that the price of a product on FondMart is often a lot higher than it is on other online markets. This is because the company sources products from more than 15,000 designers and suppliers around the world. These companies offer various methods for selling products, ranging from producing the products yourself to drop-shipping them from a supplier. All of these methods vary greatly in their profitability and level of service, so it’s important to understand the types of products that you’re going to sell. You’ll also need to know how to select your suppliers and manage your orders.

When you’re looking for the best deals on activewear and clothing, there’s no better place to start than FondMart. This global wholesale website offers more than 200,000 different products, with private label services for small businesses and large enterprises. It has been a leader in the wholesale industry for over ten years and is one of the leading drop shipping platforms. There are many reasons why FondMart is so popular and successful, and these include its powerful app, extensive inventory, and highly competitive prices.


When it comes to product quality, FondMart is hard to beat. With more than 15,000 designers and suppliers, the selection is virtually endless. The platform also features no minimum order quantity and drop shipping options for convenience. The company sources items from across the globe for maximum selection. Customers can even customize their order for a custom, one-of-a-kind look. But what sets FondMart apart from other online wholesalers is its price.

Since there’s no membership fee, you’ll only have to pay for the product and shipping costs. You can also customize invoices by adding the name of the brand you’re selling. The only con is that the product selection isn’t as varied as you’d like it to be. If you’re in the market for high-end fashion or luxury items, you’ll probably want to look elsewhere. If that’s the case, Graffiti is an excellent option.

After-sales service

After-sales service is an integral part of the FondMart transaction. The founder personally takes part in the transaction process, focusing on supplier quality and promotion. Buyers can also expect a quality-assured policy, wherein the company will work to resolve any disputes that may arise with the products or the suppliers. Finally, the company will personally examine the wholesale plus size clothing transaction process to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction.

FondMart offers a free after-sales service, and buyers can select a supplier based on a range of criteria, including price, quality, and brand name. The company does not charge a membership fee, and all you have to pay is the price of the products and the shipping costs. Additionally, sellers can choose to have their brand name printed on packaging and invoices. The selection of products on the site is not very diverse, however. Most of them are generic clothing items, which means that you will not be able to find luxury or fashion items on the site.

Cost performance

With its more than 200,000 products, FondMart can offer a diverse range of items. As the largest fashion buying agent in the world, FondMart works with more than 5,000 suppliers and designers from around the world to bring its customers the best in quality, price, and variety. The company updates its database of products every day with 500 new additions. Each half month, it recommends 200 new products to its buyers.

Moreover, since FondMart personally participates in the transaction, it has strong a incentive to carefully examine suppliers and promote transactions. Compared to commission models, FondMart’s business model gives it the ability to control the transaction risk and improve its service. For instance, it is the first platform to perform a quality check on suppliers’ products before selling them to buyers. Moreover, it makes after-sales commitments to buyers and settles any claims reported by customers. It reexamines all aspects of the transaction if the customer is not satisfied with the item.

Quality-assured policy

One of the most distinctive features of the FondMart quality-assured system is that it takes after-sales risk personally. The owner of the platform personally participates in each transaction, creating a strong incentive to scrutinize suppliers and promote transactions. A commission model, by contrast, removes any incentive to manage risk. Another distinctive feature of FondMart is that it performs a quality inspection on suppliers’ products and makes after-sales commitments to buyers. If a buyer has a claim, FondMart will promptly settle the issue and re-examine the entire transaction.


In addition to a quality-assured policy, FondMart partners with 40 global carriers for fast delivery to over 195 countries. Because of this, it has served more than twenty thousand global merchandisers, including some of the biggest names in overseas venture. Shipping time is usually between seven and 15 days, depending on the country. Moreover, customers are allowed to customize their exchange apparel and save money on shipping.

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