Four Reasons Why Construction Companies Shouldn’t Overlook Safety Boots Provision

Construction companies provide their employees with safety gear. In most construction sites, you won’t find a soul without a hard hat, gloves,and reflector-jacket boots arestill often overlooked. The article describes why it’s a dangerous practice to forego safety footwear.

Construction sites are hazardous zones where injuries and fatalities could occur at any moment. Construction companies are always keen to avoid such occurrences because they risk losing labor and facinglawsuits. As a result, most companies attempt to provide the necessary safety gear.In safety gear provision, footwear is still massively overlooked despite the risk of afoot injury. For such companies, here is some incentive.

Puncture Prevention

Safety work boots soles have layers. The boots will often have a steel layer for the heels.It is one of the significant differences between safety work boots and ordinary shoes.Safety work boots do not puncture easily under extreme conditions.They protect the wearer from a myriad of cuts from broken glass, pieces of cut iron sheets, sharp metals, and incredibly rough footing.

Protection against Electrocution Hazard

Safety boots offer exceptional protection from electrocution as well as electrical charge build-up. The safety work boots are properly waterproofed and grounded. Electrical flow is stopped at the feet and can’t enter the body.

Safety work boots have anti-static properties that reduce the build-up of electrical charge and dampen charges from external sources. A construction site often has wet open areas a few poorly insulated wires that create an electrocution risk making the boots a necessity.

Safety from Dangers of Slippery Floors

Slips and falls are a common feature of wet open floor areas. Slips and falls are not direct injuries to the feet but cause severe body injuries and fatalities.Injuries like breakages of limbs, impaling, and falling onto sharp surfaces can be caused by slips and falls. Protective work boots provide traction in even the most slippery situations like oil spills.

Safety Work Boots Offer Workers Foot Comfort

A worker’s comfort isn’t always a high priority for any industry, organization, or employer. While this is the case, workers experiencing extreme discomfort are subject to pain and fatigue. Pain and fatigue have indirect consequences for employers.

Fatigue sets up employees for other work-related injuries down the line. A worker greatly affected by fatigue is also prone to making mistakes due to less alertness. Some of these mistakes could end up being a safety hazard.

Most workers at construction sites spend the better part of their day on their feet.
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Footwear that causes pain and discomfort is likely to cause mental and physical fatigue. Since construction workers spend the better part of their week at work, fatigue builds up. The only counter to this is protective work boots built to provide comfort for many work hours.
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Safety work boots are a necessity for construction sites. Any construction company trying to cheap out on the safety equipment by not providing the boots is putting the workers and the company itself in danger.
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