Global Diffusion – United States

The Us sports equipment in 2009 counted for 24,608.2 million of revenues in 2009, and it saw in the last 5 years an increase of the 1.6% (period 2004-2009). But the forecast found that this increase is going to be less in the future.
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The train field is the fitness equipment that values the 23.
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5% of the sector, followed by adventure sport equipment (22.
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5%), position given over all by the expensiveness of these stuff.

The particular situation is the position of the ball sports in this short rank, they are at the third place with only a 15.0% of incidence on the sector, position in contrast with the importance of this field in the world. Looking at the 5 forces of Porter results that there is not great differences between the Us trend and the global one, given also by the fact that Us is the most important region of this market.

The only little difference is in the supplier power where the possibility for big firms, as Nike or Adidas, to produce abroad is quite a necessity in order to reduces costs. To resume we could say that the sports equipment market had seen a great deal of forward integration in the last years as sportswear manufacturers as Adidas or Nike, which have successfully branched out in to retail. The Us market is very fragmented even if there is the presence of large players.

The power of buyer is limited by the presence of large player and the presence of the larger companies in the management of this retailer. Retail offers the possibility to exploit bulk buying to obtain economies of scale, but despite this possibility the threats of new enters is quite high (DataMonitor, 2010)55 .

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