Have You Driven an Electric Vehicle Lately?

Besides all the discussion of electric cars and the California Air Resources Board (CARB) mandates to incentivize electric cars, hybrids, and fuel cells that are replicated in several of the United States, very few people have bought, built, or converted an electric vehicle because they wanted to save planet earth. Here are some of the reasons why people do get into electric vehicles. Electric Vehicles Offer the “Total Experience” Word of mouth and personal experience make a difference. Another way (more recently) is from the documentary movie.

Who Killed The Electric Car?

The cumulative effect of numerous people attending EV symposiums, rallies, and Electric Automobile Association meetings and movies all over the world—and experiencing first-hand what it’s like to ride or drive one—has gradually done the job. Almost universally, people enjoy their consciousness-raising electric vehicle experience, are impressed by it, and tell a friend. That’s the real reason for the resurgence in interest in electric cars.

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Electric Vehicles Are Fun to Drive

Imagine turning on a car and hearing nothing! The only way you can tell that the car is on is by looking at the battery/fuel gauge on the dashboard.
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This is only the first surprise of many when you get into an electric vehicle. When I used to work for the New York Power Authority (NYPA) and do ride-anddrives for the public, I always used to say that once you get in, you are changed forever.

It’s true!! Every single time a person got out of the car, there would be a smile on their face, a sense of real excitement, and then the inevitable first question (“Where can I get one?!”) would always pop up. Electric vehicles are first and foremost practical—but also fun to own and drive. Owners say they become downright addictive. Tooling around in breezy electric vehicle silence gives you all the pleasure without the noise.

As I liked to put it to my friends, “You can really hear you’re stereo.” Electric Vehicles Make a Difference by Standing Out Electric vehicles are a great way to drive and make a real contribution to the country.
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By driving an oil-free, gasoline-free car, you reduce our country’s reliance on imported oil; that will make you friends.

Whether you’ve owned or even driven an EV1 from GM (what a ride!), Toyota RAV4, TH!NK City, Solectria Force, or a converted Porsche 914 or Ford Ranger pickup truck, or a built-from-scratch chassis with custom kitcar body, your electric vehicle is a sexy, quiet, technologically spiffy show-stopper

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