Here are 7 essential tips to save energy this summer

Although summer is ending, it’s not over.
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With your unpredictable weather, there is every chance that we will be affected by another heatwave.

This means that you will need to use a lot more energy.

Summertime is undoubtedly the most energy-intensive time of the year. It’s natural to try to reduce your energy consumption.

It’s not difficult if you know where it’s at!

Hack #1: Use curtains, blinds, or rollers

Although you can’t prevent all heat from coming into your home, it is possible to block a significant portion of it.

This is because sunlight brings in a lot of heat.

You can reduce heat loss by blocking the sun from reaching your home.

This is particularly effective if you have blinds and curtains of light-coloured fabric in your home.

Metallic rollers are even better because metal reflects heat away, making them even more efficient!

This tactic not only blocks heat but also traps cooler air inside.

It is a good idea to close all blinds and curtains that are open to the sun.

You can close blinds and curtains on the opposite side of your home to block heat from radiating sunlight. However, this step is optional.

You won’t want the lights to be on just to make up for it!

Hack #2: use your air conditioner timer

Many air conditioners have built-in timers.

But, it is not a standard feature that homeowners use to save energy.

A timer can help you save money on your air conditioner.

You can turn your system off when it rings. Or, many systems will automatically shut down when the timer goes off. This allows you to save energy even when you are asleep or out.

Hack #3: pick your battles

It is also worth determining the hottest hour of the day., 3 pm on most summer days. In extreme heat situations, your air conditioner may not get a break.

It’s like this: If you run your air conditioner at the hottest hour of the day, it must deal with the high temperatures both inside and outside.

Instead, wait until the temperature starts to cool down to ensure your air conditioner is only working with the inside temperature since the outside heat is falling.

It might not be comfortable to sit for the most part of the day without cooling. We don’t expect that you will follow this piece of advice every time.

It’s worth looking into if you can!

Hack #4: Unplug appliances that are not being used

Some appliances use power all day long, even when not in use.

Although they are not as significant as an air conditioner, they can still impact your energy bills.

You can save money on your monthly bills by turning off appliances that are not in use. This means that you should unplug your microwave and turn off your coffee maker.

Although it’s not much, every bit helps and adds up.

Hack #5: Set your fridge at the right temperature

Although you cannot turn your fridge off to conserve power, there are still options.

You can also adjust the thermostat of your refrigerator. Most fridges can be set to 1-2 degrees Celsius, but not all feeds should be kept at this temperature.
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Food Standards Australia says that most foods are safe when appropriately stored 4-5 deg or lower.

You may be able to reduce your fridge’s energy consumption by setting it closer to 5 deg C.

Double-check to make sure everything is safe in your fridge.

Hack #6: Keep cool naturally

Your air conditioner is not the only tool you have when it comes to cooling down your home. Windows are another way to cool your home.

You can also set your air conditioner on fan mode to cool down when it cools off outside. Fan mode allows you to vent warm air outside and replace it with cool air.

What’s the best part? The kicker? Fan mode consumes half as much energy as cooling mode. This makes it less energy-intensive.

You’ll need to wait for it to cool down outside, at least partially.

Hack #7: Take a shorter, cooler shower

There are two types:

  1. Storage tanks: These systems store hot water in a tank and keep it on hand 24/7
  2. Instantaneous: These systems heat water as it passes through

Is your home equipped with an instantaneous water heater

You may be able to save money on your gas or electricity bills by taking shorter, cooler showers.

This will reduce your hot water consumption and, consequently, your energy use.

Licenced electrician can help you save energy this summer.

Energy conservation is an ongoing struggle. It’s a battle you don’t have to face alone.
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These energy-saving tricks can help you reduce your energy bills. Still, the best way is to remodel your home with energy-efficient fittings.

Did you, for example, know that LED bulbs use less energy than incandescent bulbs, which consume between 25 and 100 watts. What is the best way to get started?

They not only last but also provide a great deal of security. 50 times longer.

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