How Does Anxiety And Depression Impact Physical Health

Many people suffer from the symptoms of depression and anxiety. People who experience the symptoms of anxiety disorders have a tendency to develop the symptoms of depression too. Approximately, 50% of people who are diagnosed with depression also have anxiety disorders.


Depression has different types including seasonal affective disorder, major depressive disorder and persistent depressive disorder. Common disorder among all these is major depressive disorder. People experience depression and low moods usually. 

Major depressive disorder diagnosis shows that you may feel sad due to other issues such as persistent mood, fatigue and insomnia.


It also has many types. The common anxiety types are social anxiety disorder and different phobias after panic and generalized anxiety disorder. Anxiety attack impacts your physical body. The heart and breathing rate of individuals accelerated.

The flow of blood diverted to the area of the brain and muscles starting to tense up due to an anxiety attack. When you feel that your body is on greater alert, it’s usually giving a reaction to any emergency situation. It means to perform function at a high level.

But if this condition occurs again and again without an emergency situation like during socializing of an individual or public speaking, it can affect your physical fit to fly tests mental health.

How Anxiety And Depression Affect Your Physical Health?

The symptoms of anxiety and depression start affecting the functions of your brain, emotions. These conditions also affect certain functions of your brain that are related to your body functions and physical health. 

For example, the condition of stress, anxiety and depression stop you from getting a proper sleep at night. It induces insomnia and other issues associated with this condition like sleeplessness. Moreover, these problems cause concentration issues and fatigue during the daytime.

Anxiety and depression symptoms if become severe, they can:

Make You Vulnerable To Develop Heart Diseases

Many studies reported that people with anxiety have a greater risk of getting a heart attack. It increases their risk of dying. Another study showed that the chances of heart attack in people who have anxiety disorders as compared to the ones who do not have this disorder.

If you are using the prescribed medications for anxiety, research reported that it is challenging to follow proper medication schedules if you also have the condition of depression.

Decrease Individual’s Interest In Sex

Depression impacts many activities you perform in your life. With impacting your level of pleasure, it causes a reduction of interest in sexual activities. If you are using certain medications for depression, it can decrease your libido.

Changes Of Appetite

Some people binge eat or start over eating whenever they feel they are depressed or anxious and don’t realize they are living with binge eating disorder. It leads to several health issues like obesity and being overweight. Others start losing appetite and their level of energy becomes low.

Sometimes they reach the condition of extreme weight loss. It can be life-threatening for individuals.

Weak Immune System

Depression makes your immune system weak. It hinders your body to fight with different infections and colds that cause complicated issues like heart disease.

Gastrointestinal Disorders

Depression can cause alterations in the level of your appetite that affect your digestive system. The reason is a strong association between your stomach and brain. Feeling anxious or nervous can induce the feeling of butterflies in an individual’s stomach.

But if your anxiety and depression symptoms are persistent, you may experience abdominal cramps, bloating, heartburn, constipation and loose stools. Any condition related to mental health that is causing disturbance in your day to day functioning, needs professional help.

We suggest you to never ignore your mental health issues because they can be more complicated with time if left untreated. That’s the reason it is necessary to manage the symptoms of your anxiety and depression on time to protect your mental health.

Taking early treatment and discussing your symptoms and condition with your doctor can help you to fight with certain mental health conditions. Give your mental health first priority and try to avoid triggers that lead to the development of symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Getting professional help makes you able to manage your mental health condition timely before it becomes severe. Choose the best professional health care for you who listens to your condition and helps you to recover and manage your condition in the best way.

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