How Raksha Bandhan is Celebrated All over the Country 

Raksha Bandhan is celebrated across the world with great enthusiasm. No matter which country you belong to, the love and togetherness makes it the best festival in the world. Apart from India, this festival is also celebrated in different parts of the world where the Hindu population lives. Interestingly, many non-Hindu families choose to celebrate this festival because over time, the occasion has become a universal celebration of the unbroken thread of love between brothers and sisters. Know more about Raksha Bandhan celebrations across the world through the article given below

Rakhi in Canada

Canada is one of the countries where you will find the largest population of Indians. Hence, the celebration of Indian festivals like Raksha Bandhan is very prominent there. Indian communities settled in Canada celebrate this festival with the same enthusiasm as they used to celebrate in India. People come together and celebrate the festival with great fun. They feed each other home cooked food or if anyone’s family has send rakhi to canada along with gifts, they share it with each other.

Rakhi in Nepal

Hindus dominate 81% of Nepal’s population! And, this is the reason that almost all the festivals celebrated in India are a part of Nepal. Raksha Bandhan is also one of those festivals, which is celebrated with great enthusiasm and grandeur in Nepal. It often looks like Mini India as you can see a large number of Indians in every nook and corner of the country. This festival is celebrated just like in India which instills trust in this great relationship. In the Raksha Bandhan festival, the Rakhi tying ceremony is followed by an exchange of gifts and a reunion with the family.

Rakhi in UK

The festival of Raksha Bandhan is celebrated with great enthusiasm and fervor in the United Kingdom by the Indian communities settled there. To celebrate this festival, brothers and sisters gather at each other’s homes. With the Rakhi festival of Rakhi becoming popular there, you can now send Rakhi online in a hassle free manner.

United States of America

Every country in this world is well aware of America and what kind of power they have. America is known as the most powerful country in the world, which in itself is probably a unique thing. The American people believe in learning absolute knowledge, and then they start taking advantage of it. Even some ancient monks there used to tie yarn over their disciples to protect them. As times have changed, some things are still under development, and are less inevitable. One of those inevitable things is that the festival of Rakhi is also famous in this country. If an Indian travels to a place, they will spread their positive cultural aura among others. So we can find out that a different place of Raksha Bandhan is given by the American people. it’s quite interesting.

Rakhi in Europe

The festival of Raksha Bandhan is celebrated with great enthusiasm all over Europe. A large part of the Indian population lives in Europe and these Indian Europeans come together every year to celebrate Raksha Bandhan. These people living away from their homeland also see this opportunity as a means to develop a sense of brotherhood among fellow Indians living in Europe. Sisters tie a thread of love called Rakhi on the wrist of their brother, as is done in India which further strengthens the bond.

Rakhi In Australia

People in Australia celebrate Raksha Bandhan by gathering together and feasting. Though Australia is one such country where population is less and festivals like Raksha Bnadhan are alien to them, people prefer tie bands on brother wrist whom they consider as brotherly figures. People in Australia also have the concept of foster brothers and sisters as most of the people live away from their family. If your brother or any siblings live far away, you can always adapt rakhi delivery in Australia from any reputable online stotre.

Rakhi in Gulf countries

The concept of Rakhi is very new in Gulf countries. Ever since Indians started working in oil companies and factories in these countries, they have also introduced the concept of Indian festivals like Rakhi in the Gulf culture. Although the native people do not celebrate this festival, the Indians here celebrate the occasion like a festival in their community. Many communities of Indian origin who do not have Rakhi culture at home, interact with fellow Indians living abroad.

So, celebrate the festival with your sibling living abroad with love and by sending lots of love and gifts online.

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