How the Mind Influences the Body

The connection between body and mind has long been established. Your thoughts influence your emotions, and your emotions influence your body, and a cycle of body, mind, and spirit evolves. Thinking is good—unless you obsess. Obsessive thinking becomes obsessive worrying and this results in ill health.
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To be healthy, you can help yourself by recognizing that you can reverse the way you respond to stress. By relaxing your body and your mind, you can control your reactions as well as change how you deal with stressors.

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Healthy environment

Your mind can make you sick, but your mind can also help you stay well. As you become aware of the effects of stress, you can learn how to redirect your thoughts and emotions to create an atmosphere that supports good health.
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You have the ability to create a healthy environment for yourself by learning to change the way you think. Your brain affects your entire being, so relax your brain and you will relax your body.

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The Chemical Response to Relaxation

Deep relaxation of the brain produces homeostasis. As you relax, the body produces more chemicals that promote feelings of wellbeing, such as serotonin for mood control, dopamine for emotional response, and norepinephrine for dreaming. When these chemicals flow freely, all body systems function at their best and tension is released.

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