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How to Know the Best Carport Design That Best Suits Your Needs

You may have been thinking of building a garage for your vehicle. However, building it needs a lot of effort and money. 

Carports are the perfect solution for you. They can keep your car safe and secure and do so for a fraction of the cost.

If you’re looking to buy a carport for your automobile, you need to consider some factors.

Know What to Use It For

The main purpose of buying a carport is to protect your car. So whether the automobile is yours or you’re keeping it for a friend, a carport will do the job for you.

It can fit any vehicle in a carport. Aside from sedans, you can also park SUVs, vans, motorcycles and ATVs.

Aside from storage, you can also use a carport as a space where kids and pets can play. Use a carport when holding a barbeque or covering a collapsible pool.

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You can also use it as a work area for home projects.

Carports are useful in many ways, so you are sure to get the value for your money when you purchase one.

Determine What Type You Need

There are different types of ports you can choose from. However, their uses are essentially the same, and the difference lies in the design.

  • Gable Roof Carport. The most common carport design is the gable roof variant. It has a traditional look with a hint of contemporary neatness. It has a triangular shape that has downward-bending corners.

This design works best with areas that get a lot of rain as the rain falls easily off the roof.

  • Flat Roof Carport. A flat-roof carport is completely like its name. However, a flat roof is not recommended for locations with a lot of snow or rain.
  • Flemish Gable Carport. This design is a variant of the traditional gable roof. The only difference is that it has an additional sloping pediment.

If the standard carport designs don’t fit your liking, you can always customise and make your carport.

Think of What You Plan to Do in the Future

Purchasing a new vehicle might be in your plans. So when choosing a carport design, consider your plans.

Rather than designing the port on a whim, you have to give space to any future car purchases you might make. Considering your plans will help determine how big you want your port to be.

You might also be planning to add some improvements to your home, so make sure to consider that as well. 

Research on Council Regulations

Before constructing a new carport, you may need council approval before building one. Therefore, make sure that you research rules and regulations that you need to follow before you build a carport.


For a council to approve a carport design, there are several factors they consider.
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  • Design
  • Proximity to the boundaries
  • Compliance with existing Local Council requirements

It is important to read your Local Council’s regulations regarding building a carport. Also, read the existing rules and regulations to help you with which measurements to use. 

A carport is a great alternative when you don’t want to build a garage that takes up space. So, use this guide to help you what to consider when building a carport.

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