Often working from a virtual office leads to a casual attitude where you don’t realize how business takes up your personal space and time. It is often when you do not prioritize your time that work tends to overlap with your personal life. Studies show that for a relaxed and productive working hours, and a work-life balance, it is best to plan ahead, prioritize and suitably designate time for office and work. Mixing the two often leads to incomplete work and frustration, and yet you will find your busy schedule has been taxing your mind throughout the day.
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It is because of these reasons that having a work-life balance is a must when you are opting for a virtual office in Mumbai.

The question rises, how can you keep work time and personal time separate? Let us read the following points:

  1. Make a list of to-do

It is generally noticed that those who tend to make a checklist and work towards accomplishing it usually attain it without any roadblocks. Therefore, it is best to create a list of the everyday work agenda each day. Keep some time on your list for any ad-hoc work or task for which you are not planning. Creating a list enables you to think faster, and act even more quickly. This would provide you ways to overcome challenges in the work as well since you are clear about the work you need to complete on the given day.

  1. Plan breaks and other schedules

Making urgent decisions tends to take up more time from you during working hours. This delays the work and then you get into the habit of procrastinating the work and completing everything at the 11th hour. To mitigate this, you must plan regular breaks and also, give some thought to the duration of the breaks. This will prevent you from mishandling the time and you will still be at a good pace. Such a well-planned day with breaks will not stress you out when you get some urgent work that can’t be avoided. Also, when the breaks are planned it is easier to squeeze in some time if needed in case of urgent or random tasks that are unprecedented. This will not drain you out or cause fatigue.
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In effect, it will enhance productivity.

  1. Stay Focused

Working at home and from home has mixed the personal space. To make you and everyone around you, be it your team or your family and friends, understand the gravity of the work you do it is best to create an office space at your home. Make sure you follow your plan and do not take up household work or other chores during such time. The breaks are there to rejuvenate your tired mind, and not to involve yourself in cooking and other tasks. Moreover, stay focused in order to accomplish the task. When you follow the schedule you are usually at your productive best.

  1. Dress up well

It is understood that you are working from home, but at the same time, it is significant to work in a decorum. This renders true to your clothing also.
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Wearing lounging clothes during work hours will not empower you with productive thoughts. Try to wear official clothes, maintain personal hygiene and stay like you would at the office. You can avoid over-doing this as it would waste a lot of time, however, dressing up in neat clothes is imperative when you are working from home.

  1. Keep basics handy

When we mention basics, we mean water and dry snacks ready on the table will save a lot of time and you can maintain the work-life balance even when you have a virtual office. Keep a water cooler near the desk, and the snacks too so you don’t have to get up now and then which may distract you and you may end up overlapping the personal time with work time and vice-versa.

Finishing up

With virtual offices at iKeva, all that you need to do is to manage your time effectively. The rest is managed by the professional team at iKeva – be it mail handling, courier management, providing complimentary access to meeting rooms and coworking desks, or even multi-location access for growing companies. It makes work a lot easier and tension-free when you have a professionally-trained and experienced team to administer your phone calls, mails, and emails along with meetings with the clients. In the long-term, opting for a virtual office will be your leeway for a more productive time and growth in business.

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