How to Secure Your Business’s Social Media Accounts

Social media is important for every business, but if your business accounts’ security is under danger, it can seriously harm your company’s reputation. It is crucial to keep your business internal and private information secure. 

You must protect your social media accounts from undesirable hackers and  if it’s in your business social media management priority list, and also a part of your funnel marketing strategy in terms of keeping finances safe, then this little guide with three best practices and proven effective methods will help you secure your social media accounts and avoid cyber attacks on your business. 

Make sure to implement them properly in your business growth strategies and you’ll see results coming in no time.

  • Choose a strong password

All the social media accounts are private and have personal login information, which doesn’t let everyone to reach others accounts. So, it’s even more essential in the case of business accounts which have a lot of private information, messaging base, friends list, personal information of clients, business strategies which are kept secret and many others. Here’s when strong passwords come in handy. 

Choose passwords that are easy to remember and kept safe and non-available to others places. To be fully protected, your password should contain a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols. Strong passwords will definitely help your business avoid being hacked by cyberattackers. 

  • Use two factor authentication

Two-factor authentication is a very useful and important feature to enable as soon as possible while you’re using social media accounts for any type of business, especially for small businesses. Every time someone wants to log in from an unknown device to your account page, a two factor authentication feature requires your login credentials and mobile phone number to authenticate then enter an account.
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In this case, if someone has your password but not a mobile phone, they will be unable to access your business account because two-factor authentication will send a one-time code to your phone number, available only to you, so after the confirmirmation your identity, only you’ll be able to reach your account.

  • Avoid public WiFi networks

Be attentive while you are connecting to Internet networks whenever you are going. Avoid using public WiFi networks, which don’t have passwords and everyone has access to it.
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Public WiFi connections in restaurants, libraries, airports, in different event spaces and other public places are not secure enough, as everyone has an access to it. 

So cybercriminals can easily reach your social media accounts and steal information which is very important and private for you. Have your own WiFi network, and use it whenever you go, so you will be sure about its safety, and will know who you are giving access to connect to it. 


Keeping your business safety and security on social media should be one of the priorities in your social media management. It may seem challenging, as there are many hackers out on social media platforms, however, if you carefully follow the above tips about protecting your safety online, you will not be worried about your security every day.
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