How to start a clay toy business in India in 2021

If you’re considering beginning a clay toy business, stay reading since the clay toy industry is lucrative. It is because children enjoy clay toys, and it is helpful for children to play with clay or clay toys. Playing with clay or clay toys allows your kids to express their imagination, and kids may use clay modelling to make their universe. It aids in the growth of children’s motor abilities and sensory perception. You can also try youtube se paise kaise kamaye business in Indian and earn money with google adsense along with clay toy business

Clay toys may readily assist kids in learning about their surroundings, and it improves their capacity to learn throughout the day while they play. However, this article will help you start a clay toy business in India in 2021. Before starting your business, you may enhance your knowledge by taking ideas from several manufacturers of clay toys in India.

 Why should you start a clay toy business?

  • The first thing is that the options for what to create are infinite due to polymer clay’s nature. There are Countless Possibilities that you have. You can sculpt and build any toys you like and heat them until they harden and become a playable toy.
  • If you make clay toys, it is much fun as playing with clay toys. If you are an artistic type, working with clay is pleasant, and creating anything with your hands from the ground up. It’s the most delightful sensation imaginable. You may apply it to create combined media artwork and combine it with other mediums to create anything genuinely exciting and unique. It’s a wonderfully exciting activity to roll, chop, and sculpt free form with your hands.
  • Supplies and materials are reasonably inexpensive and straightforward to get and purchase. Polymer clay toys are available at several crafting shops and internet retailers.
  • With clay, you can make lots of toys with different types, shapes. You may blend it with various ingredients to obtain varied colours and textures. And you can also change the texture from flexible play dough to luscious frosting.
  • The clay toys are typically light to transport. So, you won’t have to worry about costs when it comes to billing for delivery.

How to start a clay toy business?

  • Give yourself plenty of time to study the materials

Spend your time learning how various materials interact with others. To make clay toys, you need more and more colours. It is because children love colourful toys. You have unlimited options of making clay toys with clay. It’s great to learn many things.

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  • Keep a record of everything

Try to document all you can, especially when it comes to colour combining. Dealing with clay presents a difficulty in that cured clay, after baked, does not have the exact hue as natural clay. It might be tough to maintain track and replicate if you combine multiple colours altogether. You must understand how much of each colour need to mix.
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It can help you save time and money by preventing the waste of materials.

  • Promote your clay toy business

Make sure you have a good brand, attractive clay toys pictures, and appropriate pricing. For pricing, you have to do market research. Build up a method for visitors to access your mailing list so that you can get in touch with them after they visit your website.

Do continuous and large-scale media marketing to bring visitors to your website at first. It means approaching others with huge crowds. Also, request them to highlight you in return for free clay toys to see your effort for themselves.
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You can use Facebook advertising to promote your page and brand.

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