How to Write a Book Report

Writing a book report is a vital component of one’s education and will have to be done time and time again throughout one’s educational career. Therefore, it’s important to know how to do it. First of all, you need to read and complete the book, enjoy the book, analyze all of its core components, summarize it down to size, then write about it objectively while employing all the knowledge and you’ve gained.

But first, what is a book report? According to any of the best cheap essay writing service, it is an essay that dissects the anatomy of a book, a summary of the plot or story, and its information, fiction or nonfiction, as well as its overall significance. There is a bit of a difference between a book report and a book review: while a report has a greater outline, a review strictly covers the book’s topic, critical reception, how it was received by its readers, a deeper literary analysis including how the book compares to the writer’s previous work.

We will guide you through the process of how to write a good book report. We’ll also give you tips for how to structure it, craft it, and finish it.

A Book Report Template

A book report template and structure has it all: from the intro, the book’s different sections, to the conclusion. The template is close to the essay format, except it doesn’t have a real thesis statement. Analyzing the structure and writing in accordance with the book report guideline is essential if you want to work smart and not hard.

The report is based on the info or story of the book. Take notes of important motifs, occurrences, and components, what can be used as value towards your report. Just make sure to follow the book report guidelines.


A good intro needs a strong opening paragraph.

  • The introduction to the author
  • Opening setting
  • Backdrop of the plot
  • Book genre

Book Summary:

Simply put: summarize the book, its genre, the whereabouts of the setting, what time period it is set in, the main characters, protagonists, and antagonists. Also, don’t forget the writing and narration styles, along with any awards the book may have won, and its relevance today.

Main Body:

  • The principle theme or motif
  • Quotes to make your point validated
  • Protagonists and antagonists, and ultimately how they influence the plot
  • The author’s writing style


When you’re finished, you should tie and bring everything in together, synthesis and synopsis. Our top essay writer from essay writing service cheap advises you don’t bring in new ideas that will confuse your readership. Just be clear from the start and make sure the overall significance of the book is well stated. Also, see if the book report meets all of the task requirements. And finally, edit and smooth out any rough edges.

Ideas and The Most Common Types Of Book Reports:

There are many different types of book reports. For starts, there are character analyses, theme analysis, and plot synopsis. Despite the book report ideas one may have, one should consistently include these components.

The book type you’ re reporting, The book’s title and author, the setting, time and place, character descriptions, quotes, and examples pulled from the book. Here are the types of book reports listed below.

Character Analysis:

When writing a character analysis, you’re able to go through the depth of the person or subject at hand and how they influence the book. How does he or she speak, dress, and hold him or herself? What are the good aspects and the bad aspects of them, their flaws, and what happens because of these? Then bring it all together for further deeper evaluation and analysis.

Theme Analysis:

Go through the themes, pick one, say what it is, and write about it. Tie this in with some of your own input to display the profound influence this theme has had on you.

Write the theme, connect it with quotes and examples to demonstrate it and how it affects the book, you, and why you liked it or didn’t like it.

Plot Synopsis:

With the Plot synopsis, you’ll have more creative book report ideas. You do not want to repeat the narrative, but you will be able to give your own personal take, whether the plot was captivating, cliche, or even worth the read. Ultimately it’s your analysis that will determine the quality of your report. Our top essay writer recommends using a lot of quotes and examples to back your opinions.

Book Report Format:

Your book report format should be in MLA format. This format is for citing academic papers, mostly in the humanities. Similar to the usual paper, MLA is standard sized, 8.5 x 11-inch font paper, 12 pt. Times New Roman, with one-inch margins on all sides, indent the first line of each paragraph, double spaced. One space after periods. Use italics to show titles. Use endnotes if needed but use a separate page before the works cited. Title the section notes, center it, no need to format.

Book Report Outline:

Header For Page:

The book report outline will first consist of the page numbers at the upper right corner of the page with the title on the first line to the left of the page. The MLA format should have four major sections for the report: The Title Page, The Abstract, The Main Body, and the References.

Title Page For The Report:

Before we start on how to write a book report outline, you must write and underline the book’s title to the left of the page, and on the next line on the same side, write the author’s name. The following page has a page header and the publication info on different lines on the left side again. The page after will have the book type with a quick intro; just a couple of pages is all that’s needed.

Describe the Book:

What’s the book about, its setting, narrator, his or her style, story summary, climax, literary devices, ending, characters, etc. Also, writing a book report can be fun when you give your opinion on the work.

Title page:

State the book’s topic, bullet points, argument, thesis, conclusion. Answer these questions. Was the writer’s thesis demonstrated, yes or no? What was the author’s influence on the reader? What were the book’s strong and weak points? Give your take on the book and a conclusion that ties everything in together. This represents the entirety of the book report structure.

How To Start A Book Report:

How to start a book report. Use a book report outline to take Essay Help On Time and organize your thoughts and the structure:

  1. Book report introduction
  2. Quick book summary
  3. Book Details: Plot
  4. Book Details: Characters
  5. Evaluation and Conclusion

First off, how to write a book summary. Begin the paragraph by writing a synopsis of the story, its time, place, characters, backdrop, etc.
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Make clear who the narrator is, his or her voice, perspective.
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Next, the story, whether it’s thrilling or more laid back.

Next, how to write an introduction for a book report. First, some of the usual stuff, book info, title, genre, author, publication info, etc. Then the opening to draw interest towards the report, interesting facts about the book, author, awards, etc. And perhaps even add your personal take on the book as well.

Book Report Main Body:

The book report’s main body will be composed of the principal themes, quotes to make a point, the protagonists and antagonists, and how they influence the plot and the plot’s details.Also, the writer’s style, whether or not his or her theme, was proven and validated.

Book Report Conclusion:

The last part is the book report conclusion, where you can put your own opinion of the book, its good parts, bad parts, what you liked, didn’t like, what you learned, and how it made you feel. Book reports are made easy when you’re objective and use proof, quotes, and examples to support your stance.

Book Report Rubric:

The book report rubric is as listed. The idea of the book report is best if it’s concise and simple to follow. The details and content are at their best if they are fully provided and sufficient, nothing left out. The organization and structure should have clear; well put together sentences and paragraphs. The tone should demonstrate awareness of the readers. It should also be style appropriate and should show a certain amount of effort. Strong, powerful word choice should be used, and no spelling errors. Book reports should have an analysis that demonstrates the author’s perspective and an objective eye towards the topic. Title page should have the author’s name, student’s name, and date. And finally, a book report needs an evaluation that has a whole book review, comments whether for or against the book with examples. This rubric for the book report is all one pretty much needs in order to get an A.

And now, finally, you can go on to write a star-studded book report. You are most assuredly well equipped and ready to write. Give yourself a pat on the back.

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