How Whole Body Vibration Improves Overall Health

Whole body vibration therapy is generating quite a buzz due to the uncountable benefits that it offers. Although the practice appeared in the late 1990s, it has again gained traction as a form of fitness training. 

From muscle performance, bone density, strengthening the body, improving balance, and reducing body fat, whole-body vibration offers a lot. These benefits and a lot more encouraged Becky Chambers, a natural health practitioner, author, teacher, and owner of vibrant health, to pen a whole-body vibration book, where she shares her knowledge and insight into the subject. 

In this blog, sharing some of her findings and facts regarding whole-body vibration therapy, we will discuss how the therapy improves our overall health. 

How The Whole-Body Vibration Therapy Works

Whole-body vibration (WBV) therapy works by stimulating muscles and nerves, resulting in increased blood circulation, reduced pain and inflammation, improved joint strength and flexibility, and promoting a healthy immune response, along with many other benefits. It also serves as a sensory distraction that disrupts pain signals traveling along the body’s nerve endings. 

Benefits Of Whole-Body Vibration

WBV is not just a fad. It has proven health benefits include:

Improved Strength

The vibration caused by whole-body vibration therapy causes your muscles to contract and relax, engaging multiple muscle fibers, which prompts the body to regain stability and amplifies the effectiveness of the movement. Also, as more fiber muscles are activated, it increases muscle growth and density.
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Better Utilization Of Glucose

The therapy increases levels of a healthy gut bacteria that lowers inflammation and promote better glucose metabolism. These “Alistipes” bacteria can increase up to 17-fold in a matter of weeks with the use of WBV.  These bacteria create short-chain fatty acids that lower inflammation and  help in the utilization of glucose.
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Alistipes aids in the fermentation of food without making alcohol, enhancing the metabolic status of the gastrointestinal tract and allowing for more efficient use of glucose for energy. Whole-body vibration therapy has a promising effect and is regarded as a safe and effective therapeutic treatment for diabetes and glucose intolerance. WBV is thus a natural way to lower inflammation in the body and control type II diabetes. 

Chronic Pain Management 

Whole-body vibration improves musculoskeletal disorders and health-related quality of life. The therapy is also used as a preventive treatment and rehabilitation tool for sarcopenia, osteoporosis, and chronic back pain.
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Increases Immunity And Stimulates Lymphatic System

The repeated contraction and relaxation of muscles improve blood and lymph circulation in the body. As your muscles receive more blood and oxygen, it speeds up the recovery process and leads to faster metabolic waste removal. 

The therapy stimulates the lymphatic system, which causes an immune response in the lympth nodes, giving the body a better defense against illnesses. In addition, WBV causes the lymph system to drain more efficiently, taking the trapped fats and toxins with it. 

Weight loss 

Whole-body vibration is as effective as conventional weight lifting, but much quicker! It helps with weight loss and is available in many fitness gyms. It is an effective way to shed extra pounds. At the same time, vibrating plates are also excellent for relaxation and muscle recovery after a workout or exercise session. 

Whole-Body vibration helps in the improvement of your overall health and is a promising way to make your body more strong and fit. Visit Here: gopage7

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