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Ideas For Home Renovations and Extensions

You love the house that you are living in, but as your family grows and your needs change, you are finding that the current space is not filling your family’s needs very well. The space might be feeling a bit cramped for a growing family. Perhaps your kitchen is no longer convenient for all the household traffic that goes through this space multiple times a day. If you are having these thoughts, it is time to consider home renovations and extensions.

Better Than Moving

If you love the location of your home, but your house no longer fits your family’s needs, you do not have to move out. There are expenses to selling your home and buying a new one. In addition, you have to go through the hassle of moving. Instead of putting yourself and your family through all of that, you can renovate your existing house and turn it into the home that you have been dreaming about. The renovations and extensions will add value to your home, and you will enjoy the best from both worlds.

Add New Rooms To Your Existing House

As your family grows, you will need more space. The best way is to add extensions to your existing house. Are your family members always fighting over the bathroom? Perhaps it is time to add another one! Are your children growing up so fast that the tiny bedroom that they had been sharing as toddlers is no longer big enough for their growing teenage needs? It is probably time to consider adding another bedroom. Are you working at home more and more frequently but do not have a private space to work in where you can be uninterrupted? A home office would be just the solution that you need.

Expand the Existing Spaces

Maybe your kitchen is too small for your family’s needs because your family members are bumping into each other as they are coming and going through the kitchen. You can enlarge the kitchen area and redesign it so the space is more open and your household traffic can go through more efficiently. A redesigned kitchen can do wonders for the family dynamics.

Thoughtful Designs That Are Beautiful and Functional

Your home is your haven. When you step inside your home, it should feel like a space that makes you comfortable and happy. If your current home design does not make you feel like that and is making you think about all the challenges that your household is experiencing because the space is not meeting all of your needs, it is time to consider a renovation. 

Call Period Extensions & Designs

Period Extensions & Designs is an award-winning home designer in the Melbourne area. They have designed some of the most beautiful luxury homes that have been featured in the media. They can help you with your renovation and extension needs and produce amazing results. Call them for a consultation and find out how they can turn your dreams of the perfect house into reality.

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