Introduction: The New norm of the society

Ten years before having a broadband connection is considered a luxury. But as of now, a broadband connection is a necessity as it is becoming a household utility as electricity or other important stuff. This pandemic has made the internet the only medium to connect with your known or loved ones. And having broadband in the average house has become a common phenomenon in every household.

Still remember those days when we start to see a movie online, and it takes a lot of time to buffer. Or either plan for a movie and start downloading a night before watching. It seems like a hilarious dream today. This high-speed frequency was not popular at that time. In the current genre, a broadband connection with ultra-speed is trending. Unfortunately, only a few of us know what it means and how we can measure it?
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Factors affecting the broadband Frequency :

Locality: Your internet or ping test depends on your location and ISP. The service provider emphasizes this term many a time. However, due to a lack of knowledge, we usually do not have if our spending is worth it.
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Luckily, In the current scenario, numerous websites have the facility of doing the 
Ping test you can know whether we are receiving the high-speed internet as promised. 

Participants Using the Internet: If you have an average bandwidth, it will give the speed 100Mbps, which is for 2-4 users to download small files A High Definition quality image or files require a faster frequency, and in that case, 1 Gbps is more than sufficient. You can find out whether your connection is faster or slower by running a ping speed test. It will help you determine whether things are default on your side or your ISP is the problem. 

Download vs. upload:  If you want to know how fast your home internet is, you should check the downloading and uploading speeds. An internet connection download speed is the measurement of the transfer of the data and the speed with which it does it.
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For instance, while streaming online videos, video calling, or playing online games utilized download speeds while upload speeds are when we upload our photos or snap-shorts, small videos via social media. The I
nternet Speed Checker website can help in this regard.

Conclusion: Averting the Confusion 

In comparison, uploading is more demanding when we compare it with download. Now, most users prioritize both downloading as uploading.  

The most reliable speed test software will show you the down- and up-load speeds, depending on which you are running the test. Unfortunately, so many options are available for claiming to do, and which should be trusted? It’s a big dilemma! Slow internet is the worst thing that can happen to your life. Test your internet speed by clicking on, and you will find the difference. The website offer variety of solution but the unique part is its ping test which can easily interpret the results fastly and promptly.

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