Is a bong a healthier way to smoke?

The short answer to this is yes, though any time tobacco is burning, it isn’t going to be 100% healthy. At the same time, breathing the air on this planet is at 100% healthy either thanks to a century and a half of pollution, so falling short of 100% doesn’t amount to much. The thing is, cigarette, pipe and cigar smoking is so heavily frowned upon in society because of just how toxic tobacco smoke is when unadulterated. Seriously, when tobacco burns, the smoke is made of ash, tar, nicotine and several carcinogenic compounds that are the byproduct of the combustion itself.

Now, the real problem with nicotine is just the fact that it is incredibly addictive. It is toxic, but only toxic to humans in extremely high amounts, amounts that you won’t get from smoking, chewing or any other tobacco use. In order for nicotine to be hazardous to humans, it has to be boiled into a concentration with intent to kill. This is how it was commonly used as a pesticide for eons.

So, the real problem is the ash and the various carcinogens, and a cigarette filter doesn’t really do that great a job at cleaning these out.
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However, since a bong has the smoke go through water before being inhaled, things are very different. Water is actually really good at cleaning out air and smoke, acting as a natural filtration system. It doesn’t remove 100% of the toxins, cleans a lot of that amount it also makes the smoke less of an irritant, while also reviewing some humidity and cooling it as well.
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If you like, you can even add ice cubes, syrup, extracts spirits to flavor your smoke further. Don’t add spirits to it if you plan to drive or operate heavy machinery, as it is mildly intoxicating, you actually can become intoxicated by inhaling alcohol. It would be very mild, and it is very pleasant, but bear in mind that you are indeed getting ethanol in your system when you do this.
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Unsurprisingly, the use of a bong is prohibited anywhere than any other form of smoking is prohibited. So, it doesn’t solve the problem of you not being able to enjoy a smoke in various places, but the thing is, that smoke is so toxic, so even when enjoying it in places where you can, you should probably look for safer, healthier ways to do so.

This concept has been used for several centuries now in various cultures around the world, long before the concept of a bong was appropriated for things like dry herbs. In the Middle East and parts of Asia, smoking has always been implemented in healthier ways than in other parts of the world, so this should come as no surprise really.

Bong technology has come a long way since its origins, being very artistically expressive and tailored to your particular tastes and needs. Shisha is the best ozbongs shop in Australia where you can find a wide selection of bongs.

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