KuCoin Trading Bot

The crypto currency rises and falls in just a matter of seconds, and it is not possible for a man to sit in front of his monitor screen all the time and make consistent decisions according to the ever-changing graphs. Most crypto exchange platforms provide limited intelligence trading, but they are not smart enough to counter or meet the strategies that are applied in the market. The result is that these trading bots might result in the loss of clients.

KuCoin has a different story. It is a cryptocurrency exchange supported by a trading system with four different strategies to meet the demands of advanced and experienced investors. It provides 24 hours support and is a source of passive income; here are the four strategies offered by the KuCoin trading bot. 

Advantages Of Trading Bot

The trading bot of KuCoin increases the passive income in investment and has its benefits in reducing the repetitive work of balancing holdings. Now you can just set the trading bots on a certain level, and it will keep balancing the assets after a definite interval of time. You can also have the advantage of trading your holding at the best time and not just waiting in front of your device looking at the screen. You can set the levels on which to trade the cryptos. Another main advantage of a trading bot is reducing the trading risk. The Crypto market is fluctuating, and while you are not looking at it, the market can even go deep and go high to new levels. With the KuCoin trading bot, you will be less likely to reduce market risk in case of fall and make the most profit when prices go high.
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Types OF KuCoin Trading Bot

There are currently 4 strategies of trading bot by which you operate it:

Classic Grid

It is the most popular and classic trading bot strategy. It works on the simple principle of purchasing when the prices are low and selling when they are high. You set your threshold level in this, and the bot will work between it. Suppose you set the level of bitcoin between 35 and 40 thousand; the bot will work in these intervals.

Dollar-Cost Averaging

In this strategy, the crypto will buy a certain amount of coin for your amount; for example, you have set the bitcoin exchange rate to $1 per day. The bot will constantly buy it till you turn it off manually or for a certain period.

Futures Grid

This strategy is similar to the classic grid strategy, offering two unique features. It is more profitable and riskier and provides up to 5 time leverages in the investment.

Smart Rebalance is one of the most valuable strategies for experienced investors. Suppose you have a 25 per cent share of each holding ( BTC, ETH, XRP, KCS), and you want it at that level. The value of one coin goes high, and the balance goes out like 28, 25, 25, 22.
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In smart rebalance, it will automatically sell a high percentage and buy a low rate. You can set it at a different interval check or set the balance after a certain percentage change in fluctuation.

Other features of KuCoin include mining pool, Cryptocurrency news and interest on our loan.

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