Reading news and information in general media and from the original thesis and careful analysis of CBD

When there is research on the use of cannabis or cannabis extracts that are effective in treating medical diseases, media various newspapers and the web will have interesting headlines that attract people to read. Will news writers will focus on what journalists themselves want to publish, especially “marijuana,” is a word that attracts many people to read. therefore have to read and collect data. Analyze all issues from the source of the news or the original thesis research. as to try to analyze the news in the headline news of the media recently, in personal opinion.

For example, we have good news in newspaper headlines and general websites for the public and interested persons in the month. July 2019 (with two headlines) related to cannabis extracts in pancreatic cancer treatment

  1. PLANT POTENTIAL CBD kaufen could hold the key to curing pancreatic cancer after tumors. Shrink and DISAPPEAR, and another web headline in August 2019 has a similar message.
  2. PLANT POTENTIAL Harvard University scientists reveal cannabis could hold the key to CURING pancreatic cancer after tumors shrink and DISAPPEAR August 22, 2019
  3. When there is good news from research, Headlines in newspapers or web pages will make the reader look attractive.

I am excited to read more, especially for those who have already been desperate for other treatments, a scientist named Dr. Wilfred Ngwa. Research in rats at Harvard University found that flavonoids (plant pigments) extracted from cannabis named FBL-03G has an effect against pancreatic cancer cells. The analysis was carried out until FBL-03G was obtained and found that this substance had the molecular weight is 368.
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38 grams per molecule. and the substance he used in the research was 98.7 percent pure; he extracted. It is derived from the plant Cannabis sativa L.
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and is an isomer of cannflavin B, a metabolite of CBD kaufen (but not a cannabinoid or psychoactive substance THC). The research used FBL-03G as an immunoadjuvant to co-treatment pancreatic cancer in mice. It is used in conjunction with radiation therapy to make cancer cells more susceptible to the effects of this substance.

FBL-03G in combination or alone can destroy up to 70% of pancreatic cancer cells in rats and induce

Cancer cells were missing in some mice, including inhibiting the proliferation of this type of cancer cell. There are many flavonoids. More than 6,000 species, he said, need to be repeated or additional experiments to confirm the results. It represents (consistency of the result) academics that It is necessary to double-check whether it is true that FBL-03G can destroy pancreatic cancer cells. In rats, the compounds in cannabis plants may be used in cancer patients, but not cannabis oil or cannabis-infused food. (cannabis like CBD kaufen oil or marijuana-infused foods) that he used to study and experiment, therefore, must use extracts or it is a medical-grade substance that recognizes the drug, structure, and purity of the drug. However, Dr. Wilfred Ngwa says the group has been tested against cancer and has been studied before found that sometimes the size of the cancer was not reduced. Sometimes it can reduce the size of cancer, so further studies must be done to obtain results or information.
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Boston plants may contain flavonoids that are different from those in California.

This study was done in rats, and it still needs to be studied for at least one year before the data from animal experiments can be concluded. This means It’s not clear if it works well in patients or not. because in vitro or animal studies do not show the same positive effects in humans, however. The work in this story will be information for us to continue to follow, but not coming. Quickly conclude that pancreatic cancer can now be used in patients with both local and metastatic pancreatic cancer.

But having good news headlines, the media prevailing. How will it affect the views or ideas of the people? Or he was not using marijuana and academics. Let’s try to analyze it to see it as an example. What might have happened or the doctor and what should academics do? For More Information Visit This Site: thefrisky

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