Rules to Master for Risk-Free Overtaking on Roads!

Following the road rules Safe overtaking amidst the traffic is essential to reach the destination safely. The peril associated with hasty rushed driving is road accidents and the fallout they cause. Instead, leave home early to make it to your office or other destination on time. For an anxious person, it becomes difficult to tackle delays in driving. The obstacles make them more furious, especially when they have less time on the clock.

Look for reasonable car insurance in Newcastle to support your car in case you have to nurse damages because of your rapid driving on roads… Though better yet, stay calm and follow the rules. Speeding up and overtaking may be justified when the traffic density is quite low, but you would bump into vehicles ahead when roads are crowded.

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Here, we attempt to educate readers on the right way to overtake vehicles. As thoughtless overtaking incorrectly can lead to a car collision. We advise you to overtake vehicles only when you get a clear picture of the approaching traffic. Wait for a suitable time to get ahead so that you and your car passengers stay secure.

Left overtaking

The authorities permit it only under the following conditions –

  • While driving on a multi-lane road and it is possible to overtake a vehicle in left marked driving lanes.
  • When the vehicle ahead is waiting to turn right or making a U-turn from the road center and is giving a right turn signal.
  • If the vehicle in the right lane is stationary.
  • When dIf you are directed by an authoritative person like a police officer.

Right overtaking

This occurs when both the vehicles are traveling in the same direction you may right overtake and the overtaking driver can overtake safely by crossing the guiding lines into a driving lane on the right.

Some restraints on right overtaking are mentioned below and relate to left overtaking too:

Overtaking cyclists

  • You may overtake only when you have a proper view of the road ahead and if the road can accommodate you to pass. Else, you would need to use car insurance NSW to cover the car damage expenses if you bump into a cyclist. It won’t cover you for the guilt though, so always drive extra cautiously around vulnerable cyclists.
  • Crossing continuous white lines to pass a cyclist safely is legal.
  • Maintain a safe distance of at least 1 meter when the road speed limit is up to a maximum of 60kmph, and at least 1.5 meters when the speed limit is beyond 60 kmph.


Don’t be too naïve that you don’t have your car covered by cheap car insurance. Stay calm and composed while driving for safety reasons. Don’t speed up and overtake unless it is necessary to be protected on Newcastle roads., but also realise your safety is at the whim of other drivers on the road.
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