Shocking Facts About Price Of Lawn Mower In Kenya

A lawnmower is a machine that uses one or more blades to cut, chop or trim grass to a certain height. The height of the cut grass is set by the operator who adjusts the mower leverdepending on the lawnmower type. Some mowers have fixed lever height to cut grass.
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Normally lawn mower uses one or more blades that revolve or move to cut grass to a uniform height.


The lawnmower was discovered in 1830 by Edwin Beard an engineer in a cloth mill. Hegot the idea from a napping machine that used to cut excess cloth toa smooth finish after weaving. The intention was for the mower to be used on a golf course but this discovery played a major role in homes.Mowers made everything easier when it comes to trimming grass andlandscaping.

Types of Lawn Mowers and Features


This type of lawn mower hover above the ground, this makes them easier to push while mowing uneven grounds. They are the best option for unusually shaped lawns and are cheaper than other types. Unfortunately, they are not the best choice for larger gardens.
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They have rotary blades and are usually electrically powered.


As the name sound’s these lawnmowers have a cylindrical blade that rotates vertically in front of the mower. The cylinder has three or more blades and cuts against a fixed blade at the bottom.The price of lawn mower in Kenya for these types is affordable and are the best lawn mower for flat lawns that you want to keep short. They can be pushed, use petrol, or use electric.


These lawnmowers have a single blade that rotates horizontally underneath the mower like a plane propeller. They are multipurpose and cope with all sorts of grass taller and rougher grass. They’re costly due to their capabilities, when it comes to considering the price of lawn mowers in Kenya. They are mainly powered by electric, petrol engine or even rechargeable battery.

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Other Factors to Consider Before Buying Lawn Mower

Mowing Edges

Consider this factor if you have a lot of lawn edges. Look for a model that can cut right up to the edge. Mowers with cylinder blades and rear rollers are the best option here. Others include mowers with front-wheel or grass collection comb are good for mowing edges.

Cutting Height

This refers to the height or how high the grass will be when you cut it. Most mowers have an adjustable cutting height you only need to move the blades up or down. The cutting height of these lawn mowers ranges between 20mm to 60mm.


These electric and petrol-poweredlawnmowers are self-propelled and do not require the operator to push them. Just steer them in the right direction and they will do the rest. They are good with large lawns. Some models come with an option of adjustable speed.
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Grass Box

Lawn mowers with this option generally collect grass clipping instead of leaving them on the lawn. They save time that the operator may have to spend raking up the grass after cutting. You only need to empty the box when full especially in larger lawns.Even if they have this special option the price is average for any interested lawn owner to afford.


Lawn mowers are the machine that has made work to be much easier when it comes to landscaping and trimming grass. Home owners find it more preferable to own a lawnmower that can shape or manicure the grass to a flat controlled height. Consider this machine that will make your lawn neat and adorable for resting instead of using a slasher to cut the grass.

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