Specialty Steel Doors and Designs – Buying Guide

Steel doors have a steel skin on top made of polystyrene or polyurethane core.
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The door skin is made of steel that ranges from 16 to 24 gauges. The door’s perimeter is surrounded by a frame of wood known as a stile.

Steel doors, as well as frameworks, are frequently requested as standard items. Design specialists are progressively modernizing historical classics by changing them for unique productivity or effectiveness. The most frequent specialty steel doors and framework is covered in this section, which includes:

Acoustical Door Designs

Silence is valuable in this age of open floor layouts and ringing cell phones. This could explain why noise-resistant doors are becoming more popular among building owners and architects.

Acoustic doors are designed to block a certain amount of sound waves from traveling through them. For decades, they’ve been utilized in noisy locations like manufacturing plants as well as music studios, but they’re also becoming increasingly prevalent in hotels, office buildings, and schools.

Bullet Resistant Design

Bullet-resistant doors are frequently utilized in state buildings, cashier stations, high-crime neighborhoods, and any other facility that requires greater security. The doors can be plain or have comprehensive vision lighting installed. They’re also accessible in a set of two. The doors can have a fire rate of three hours and also have STC plus blast resistanceSteel doors prices in Kenya may be higher for this specialty steel door.

Stainless Steel Design

Stainless steel doors are popular because of their sleek, contemporary appearance. They’re also an excellent option if you are concerned about corrosion and rust. They can be found in hospitals, offices, or food processing factories. They consist of a composite core, such as honeycomb or polystyrene and sometimes even steel stiffeners. They can also be STC and fire rated. There are numerous finishing possibilities available, allowing architects to include a unique design element into their doors.

Lead Lined Steel Doors

Radiation transmission is prevented by doors lined with lead. In hospitals, clinics, veterinary offices, healthcare settings, and imaging centers, they are specific for x-ray shielding. They’re also employed for radiation shielding in high-security structures like aircraft, airports, and defense facilities. The most common core for lead doors is a steel strengthened core; however other cores are occasionally utilized.

Customized Steel Doors and Design

Steel has a wide range of applications. Custom doors can be ordered with non-standard heights, widths, and thicknesses for specific purposes.
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They can also be utilized to add a distinctive design aspect to a structure, like a personalized finish or a unique design. Architects frequently need semi-custom items, which are standard products with unique characteristics like window placement, or casing profile. Since a normal core would be inconsistent, full custom items may be bigger or contain a unique core. A customized door thickness is also a custom request.


Early consultation with the supplier or manufacturer is recommended for design professionals. They’ve handled almost everything and can offer invaluable advice during the designing process. This way, they offer customer satisfaction while ensuring the delivery of quality products.

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